Why Are You Passionate About Tarot?


Obviously, the question isn't relevant if you're not passionate about Tarot. :)

I was Skyping with my sister, who's now living with my parents, and she reminded me that I had a large collection of Tarot decks in storage there. I'm going to get her to take them out and show them to me so that I see what I've got. These would be late 80s to mid-90s decks, so it should be interesting.

Anyway, it made me think about my passion for Tarot. The funny thing is that probably about one-third of those decks were bought before I even knew how to read Tarot! My interest began at about age 16, but I didn't sit down to learn Tarot until I was 20 (a good thing, actually, because I wouldn't have been mature enough to really understand it at 16). I'd just take them out and look through the cards and, I guess, savor the mystery. :)

It got me curious about why people are passionate about Tarot. For me, the imagery is definitely a draw. I've just discovered my love of visual art in the last year or so (I've even been dabbling in my own digital art). But then, I can also see myself getting passionate about Runes or the I Ching or ogham, buying every book I could get my hands on and keeping a collection of different versions, and these aren't as visual, so it must be something else.

There's also the excitement of discovery whenever I do a reading of any size, the "What am I going to get this time?" feeling. I think when I was first learning Tarot, I had more of a distanced attitude where I felt like it was OK to disregard what I didn't like (after, of course, twisting my interpretations as much as possible to get the most favorable meanings). I've definitely matured since then. *rolling eyes*

I now believe that Tarot is a way for Spirit to guide me, and I take that very seriously. I trust that Spirit will give me wise guidance through the cards, so there's both some anxiety (which I'm working on!) and relief at gaining knowledge that will help me deal with some issue. For me, when I see challenging cards, it's like anxiety slaps me in the face, but once I've let that pass, I feel stronger because of the knowledge I gain to deal with whatever the situation is.

So I guess the passion for Tarot for me comes from things like the artistic beauty of the cards, the thrill of discovery, and the empowerment that comes from the knowledge they give.

Anyone care to share their thoughts on this?



Earlier on, it was the mystery and the magical for me. I guess it still kind of is, but as my knowledge of the tarot grew, it appealed more to my sense of puzzle- and problem-solving. Along with that, untangling people's webs of nonsense made me feel helpful too.


Echoing Amanda`s puzzle and problem solving slants.

Plus for me there`s the whole ''quest for the perfect deck'' angle as well. No luck so far, but hey - that`s my excuse for buying more decks. ;)


For me, it's the insatiable quest for knowledge and wanting to help people. I'm constanty learning and in the process I hope to be helping. I also love art. The talent that is displayed on many of the decks really gets me intune with the right side of my brain. It's when I'm using that side of my pumpkin is when I'm happiest. :)


I think for me it was the 'desire to know & understand.' I didn't plan to be a reader or an author - that was a by-product to learning the cards. I started looking at the 'art' - the divination/meditative aspects were down the road a piece.

Still - you ask about 'passion.' It came to occupy such a large portion of my life - how could one not be passionate about it?


The symbolism. And the occult nature of it, for lack of a better word. I've always been fascinated with both things, although my interest in symbolic systems is what primarily drew me in. I, too, collected decks for many, many years before ever using them.


deep questions

not an easy question to answer because the reason i am passionate about tarot is as complex and as diverse as there are as many decks!

initially i was drawn to the artwork i think, then the spiritual slant, then the knowing of oneself and helping others to define meaning from them, then sometimes i keep them beside me and almost read them like worry stones.. so they have become a comforting presence to me...then came the symbiology..arcane knowledge..theory..each card creates a different energy that translates and is interpreted in a passionate, commited way...meh.. lol.. what do others think??


Sorry for being cryptic, but the best way to describe my love for Tarot is that it is a perfect portrait of the universe. :)


I'm very passionate about tarot, because it's a self discovery method for me. I use tarot for inner healing.
The passion lies within my ability to relate the images to my own experiences in my life!
Also, for me, I love how the tarot can help transform a person's life and person at their core.
The cards are also a tool to help me find myself. I never know witch one I'm going to pull until I turn it over.


So many profound answers

Thank you all for sharing!

I hadn't thought about helping others as motivation for this passion, but I can relate to that as well. Tarot has taught me so much about human nature and moving with the rhythm of life. I hate to think what an immature brat I'd be if I hadn't picked up the cards! It even allows me, at times, to make a helpful suggestion or two to someone. I think Tarot helps us see life from a wider perspective.

Tarot has also been a doorway for me into other spiritual/metaphysical/occult interests. This is even truer today with the many decks out there that incorporate different spiritual ideas. I was reading a discussion of Robert Place's Buddha Tarot and how that got some people interested in Buddhist teachings. So like many here, part of my passion for Tarot comes from it being a doorway into the depths of the spiritual blue sea. :)

Would love to hear from more people on this.