Why do I feel so blocked?


I don't know if everybody go through this or not, but I feel so blocked now when it comes to trying to see things or read cards. Last year, I felt more connected to my intuition and so on, but now I feel like I can't get anything anymore.

I used to do picture readings and I sometimes be good at it, but after getting cards, I can't seem to do really well anymore, it's as if I blocked myself from doing so, if that make sense. At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, it was easy for me, I would see things sometimes but now I feel really blocked. And I don't know what's going on. At night time, I would see images that is a little hard to explain and I would hear talking, not sure if that is normal.. but I don't know on if it's the cards or just me at this point. When I read images or try to practice, I don't get anything and it makes me a little frustrated.

When I do get something, it only last for a second, it seems like only a certain time on when I do get anything.

I hope what I said makes sense, because it seems to be harder to explain when I type it. :/


Oh yes, dear! I think we have all gone through this at some point. I know I certainly have.

There is a couple of ways that I deal with it. 1. I will stop reading for a while. Focus on the physical world. Maybe there is something in the physical world you need to address (health, a relationship, uncluttering, making money, etc) so the intuitive/spiritual world is holding back so you will get your ducks in a row, so to speak....or....2. You need to do something completely different to jump start your intuition. Examples would be looking for signs in nature, meditating, try remote viewing, bibliomancy, runes, astrology, etc etc...stretch out to find fun new ways to learn and grow.

Something that popped into my head was the Crossroad divination thread we had on here. Search for it in this area of the board. It was so much fun and I think you would be great at it. Basically, you take a question in your head, either for you or someone else, and go to an intersection...and then observe.The answers come in the most interesting ways. I've done something similar on my own here...I think I call it "Random Divination". haha SUPER fun and a great way to stretch yourself.

There are no rules so have fun with your intuition. The blockage will pass in time.


Several causes are possible, but don't over-think things.
Sometimes, on occasion, I can be like you. Advices from EmpressArwen are very good!
With regard to my personal experience I recognize that I was tempted to find other supports, i.e. other decks, Tarots or oracles, with which I could feel more in line with.
I am not sure that these things come from a deck, but I think that the link and confidence we have in the support that we use is as well important.
One or two times I had a really strong intuition (without any deck or else) with regard to something I couldn't imagine, it was more a knowledge than a vision; this happened without any control but I remember that my state of mind was very cool, open, without confusing or disturbing emotions.


Thank you both :)

I don't know why I feel like I can't read anything unless I have cards, but the cards only show just cards. I can't get any information, like most intuitive/psychic people that can use not only the cards but their interpretation to add on.

I'll try to find the thread though, and may be I need to try to focus without being distracted all the time.