WIF Imagemaker April 29-May 1


WIF Imagemaker April 29-May 6

Ok, here goes.

While shuffling, these random images/thoughts came:
Empress image--mothering aspect
skates or skating (as in rollerblading)
a blue book
and a sense of a joyful surprise

Some of these things are directly related to people I know, so we'll see . . .

My 5 cards (in this order), and the first thoughts when I saw them:

King of Pents--determination at slogging through necessary work
King of Wands--dreamy enjoyment of meditation, the bubble of colors surrounding me
Fool--wonder at a new opportunity and "I have the keys to do it"
Star--Aaahhhh, the pleasure of enjoying what the senses bring
8 cups--awareness of the work ahead to reach the goal

First throughts about how these relate to the positions of fire, earth, air, water, spirit.
A King of Pents ability to get the job done--he has a firey look and flame-like hair
The King of wands is looking very disconnected from earth--in the tree, dreamy--his plans/actions are not rooted in reality?
The fool and air . . . he's also not looking grounded
Star and water--sheer enjoyment and joy (matches that one first random image)
8 cups and spirit--moving on (in the traditional 8 cups image), walking the moonlit path to the end

I'll let those rest and see what emerges.

In seeing the cards laid out in a row, all face or look left--to the creative/intuitive more than to the past. And 3 have literal crowns, plus the King of pents has spiked hair that's crownlike.

Aside from the element connections, I see this as a positive week ahead, opportunity or a new path (but perhaps not grounded in reality?). Possibly having or connecting with the material goods and actions to pursue it (or is the King of Wands doing too much dreaming?). The Stars and 8 cups give me hope and awareness of the emotional satisfaction that could lie at the end of the work.

As I love dreaming up new projects, these cards inspire me to consider where to start. And I'll see how those first random shuffle items appear this week.



Tuesday, interim report on those first impressions:
I got email from a friend who is visiting France
Other quite surprising email (surprise to get it) from a relative I've not heard from in weeks
Had great joy in a family gathering that I didn't expect

Yesterday I ended up in an unexpected place, totally enjoying lunch on the river and roaming an artsy town, shopping and being free in the moment--my Stars card!

Have a writing project that I am mixing determined research and blissful meditation in to produce the writing--thinking of my King of Pents and King of Wands as a team.

Knowing these images beforehand strongly influences me to help things happen! I like being in a partnership with the tarot suggestions.


Second interim report, Thursday:

Tuesday night I had a dream about smoking, being around smokers. Nothing profound, but then last night (Wednesday) I saw a report on CNN about secondhand smoke being a possible trigger for breast cancer.

That's my only tie so far to the cigarette image. I'm happy to report I just had a "normal" mammogram and feel I'm ok! Don't think I'm getting a warning or anything . . .

(And I've only smoked about 6 cigarettes in my whole life.)


Final report:

I had several instances of "mothering" people this week, but that was nothing new--students who ask me for help/advice/support, plus my own child.

I read or used many books this week, none were particularly significant or blue.

I decided to write about foot massage on my website, after thinking about the "feet" image.

No skates, though we went biking on a rail trail where people often rollerblade.

There's a chance I might go to France, if my friend visiting there now returns next fall.

And I used my King of Pents and Wands to slog through a variety of work projects, but have to say I saw no super new opportunity out of the Fool. Small opportunities for which I had the keys, indeed.

So were all my intuitions and cards foretelling these rather minor manifestations? It seems that way to me. I was kind of hoping for something dramatic and exciting--but maybe that will come next week . . .


What of the whole excercise was the most on the mark?

A mix of the King of Pents and Wands in bringing meditation awarenesses into physical form--I'd had a week of spiritual study that I was able to pass on to others in several ways. An engineer I know asked for meditation books, and why to do it, another borrowed some Eckhart Tolle CD's to take to a group for discussion. That was pretty amazing from those 2 particular people.

Also, my whole story (posted elsewhere) about finding keys that had been lost since February, joining with a friend in our effort to use psychic mind-games and (finally!) find them--kind of the same thing about bringing meditational awareness into physical form.

What of the whole excercise never made an appearance of never got a connection?

Every card appeared in some form or other.

What card stood out the most to you?

Maybe the Fool, just because I had the keys (as I originally posted when I saw that card) to open several pathways for others or myself. This reading also comes along with Contrascarpe's chakra reading for me, and there are several connections there with some new realizations and writing plans for me.

What element's essence had the most impact within your time-frame?

A mix of all of them in bringing ideas and Spirit into form, through action. Less emotion/water than the others, somewhat reflected by the 8 cups, where there's a long walk to the cup.

if you can: share one thing that this excersise brought to you.

After an amazing day yesterday when all of the above things come together at once (keys found, chakra reading and writing plans, engineers borrowing meditation items, as the strongest shifts), and I had a powerful "go on, you're on the right track" dream last night, I drew 2 Fey cards for today: the similarity between the 2 positions was amazing--
the Ace of wands fey looks up in wonder and "me?!" to feel the tree (of life?) growing out of his back--and the 9 of swords where the fey is stuck under that sword, not seeming to realize that she could go right out that door to the stars, and that the sword cannot hurt her unless she backs herself into it. I see it hanging from a cord as through threatening but not actually able to reach her.

These 2 cards align also with Contrascarpe's chakra reading for me and some subsequent PM discussion. I am at a place of moving forward, sprouting a new green tree, when I've been thinking I'm stuck under the sword.

And when I look back at my week's journal, I had several other interactions that are smaller versions of this new sprouting.

Wow, love those fey!