WIF~ LunaLaFey April 29 - May 6


Intuitive Fey Study-

-Thoughts/impressions while shuffling:
{not much of a surprise, I've bought seeds and will be planting soon}
Cream (liquid)

Cards- and off the top thoughts:
King of Wands- frog; this fey reminds me of my younger son & we live with 1000 frogs.

4 of Swords- raccoon/thief
* saw a commercial (while at work) day after pulling the cards- a batch of Raccoons steal a mini van just to go to a fast food drive-up window, order, and then drive off with the food.

4 of Pentacles- hold-on

5 of Swords- let-go

XVIII- Moon- Dreams-wary-wander

The Reading-
Fire- King of Wands - holds a ball like a crystal ball of divination- Lofty personality and a bit on the high and mighty side of things or just simple and childlike in action and attitude.

Earth- 4 of Swords- Taking on a new outlook/job/image. Accepting uncertainties with a change of face and taking on what ever sacrifices are to be made to protect/accomplish with courage.
I went and thumbed through the book after doing my reading in full- one line stands out from this card;
To know how to renounce things for oneself.

Air-4 of Pentacles- Stuck to the current 'workings' of the 'world' with an expression of unknowing and uncertainty.
Currently I have become dissatisfied with the job I have held for the last 5 years. I have been looking for something different and the reasons I have not changed jobs is because I have not found one that will bring in the needed income- This card totally expresses being tied to my job- 'ball and chain'. The expression on the fey's face could very well be mine. I so want to make a move but fear that what I do might not pay the bills. What of that key? Might there be a solution/release coming? - a lot of thoughts come with this card.

Water- 5 of Swords- Letting go of the emotions. Possibly the fears that come with change. This card also reminds me of the situation I'm having with my mom. I have cut communications with her.

Spirit- the Moon. Interesting that this card would come up here ;)
I pulled my cards right before the Lunar Eclipse on Sunday morn.
The Fey surrounds herself with silver like that of the Moon. In both full and crescent. The silver slivers are not as close to her. One, she draws into the sand, like a ritual recognition; the other is an extension of her arm. On the end of a long stick is a thin sharp crescent, looking much like the scythe of Death.
I am in a Death year- the whole spread speaks much of change.


The Moon card and Death-

When I did this spread; it was right at the Lunar eclipse; actually a little bit before- but the influences are 'felt' prior.
Currently I am in my Death year, a year for getting rid of the old and making room for the new. Much of the spread carries this message so I wanted to look at this some more.
The eclipse occured 04 Scorpio 20; (another reason to look into it deeper) with scorpio being the sign of death/transformation in tarot. The eclipse it's self represents new beginnings.

In my natal chart I have Venus(Empress) and Neptune(Hanged Man). My soul/personality Major is the Empress. The Moon did not aspect either of the planets for they where on opposite ends of the sign. But there are 2 apporaching sextile aspects (1 to 5 degrees orb) between the Moon and (in distance order) Jupiter/Virgo, & Sun/Capricorn; and a minor aspect with Saturn/Aries.
-Saturn also indicating change

The Empress- Venus
In readings I do and have had done for me, about 'career-money' questions, she shows up more often than not.

With the reading of the cards and the thoughts about work & money as well as the inevitable changes that are to be faced; I find all the astrological-tarot connections interesting.

I ended up doing a CC with the Fey as a follow-up reading; asking about the familiar issue of -work-job-money-
Made things even more interesting.....


The Celtic Cross that Followed

So here's the cards of the CC I did.
When I did the five card spread for the week- the readings message about changes really tied into the desires I have to look to other ways of making money. Either a different job- which I have been looking for for months and months; as well as what I do with my creative talents.
As I say, it's an issue that is unresolved and pretty much at the top of the list. With all that I had to do another spread focused on the money thing.

1- issue/situation: Death
2- helps and hinders: 7 of Pentacles
3- foundation: Knight of Pentacles
4- past: 10 of Chalices
5- aims/goals: 10 of Swords
6- future: Wisest
7- attitude: 6 of Wands
8- enviroment: Tower
9- hopes & fears: 2 of Pentacles
10- outcome: 9 of Wands

now I had pages and paes of writings about this spread- It would take me forever to type it all out (slow typer) so I'll go about it with a high-lite version.

Death- What I find really amazing about this card is that it is my death year- that both of these spreads where done around the time of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.
* the last card of first spread being the moon and first card of this spread representing scorp.
Usually any spread I do that opens with an issue/situation position; the card that falls there is always the most 'perfect' card out of all 78. Quite a few can fit, but it's always the one that needs no words.
I see the chess game as the stratigies and logistics of making the changes I want to make.

7 of Pent- Ha! A money tree- if only money could grow on trees; I do have a bit of a greenthumb. But is this card telling me that the recources are in reach and I'm just being to lax to grab it? or is it saying that I need to relax and be paitent and let my 'fruits' come into 'harvest'?

Knight of Pentacles- again an image of moving away- this time from a Castle, structure? of the job? The hare does have some fertile aspects to it. I have moved from the deadzone (old residence) to more (spiritually & mentally) fertile ground.

10 of Chalices- of my past there are two roads this card can take. The first look I took was focused on my current relationship. In a second review, it refered to a past relationship. Currently my partner and I are working towards a big project (making a movie short) that could rain $ upon us. But it's alot of work and a gamble; but still fun, we could get lucky and find that pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow (frogs- muppets- the muppet movie- a rainbow- they go to hollywood- hmm)
The past involves a project much like the movie- a book; an amazing true story to be told as fiction. That project will take a while because I have to wait for my #1 informant to return to the area (13 months) to get a first hand account of events I was not a witness to.

10 of Swords- the Fey 10Sw comes around alot for me lately. I do see the desire to breakdown what I am and have so far when it comes the what I do for money. The Fey could be like a pheonix, that will rise from the ashes- but this card- here in this position, I'm not fully relating to.

Wisest- I like this guy here- could be me writing that book off in the future.
Here is the list maker- I do that, stratigizing and calculating. But there is that mention of time again. Is it time or do I wait for the right time?
This card brings me to think of my faith and trusting in it.

6 of Wands- a bean stalk, or is it a baby money tree? who knows until it gets bigger- this is more waiting. This is another card that expresses movement.
I can't really move out of the area, into a new and strange land. The worried expression could be mine. Woried that if I quit my job I won't be able to pay my bills. My attitude is one of uncertanty and fear.

Tower enviroment- more breaking away and changes in the structure- I so welcome it, but when will my time to fly to new horizons come?

2 of Pentacles- Big money! I do hope, but from where I do not know.
There is a little green spirit fey- a money spirit? heehee....I want to be able to provide what I can the best I can. Nothing at the moment is doing so.
To find that one big pie I could bake would be great.

9 of wands- what are they looking out for? Is the change that is comeing going to be something I will have to be wary about? Might this relate to me & my daughter? The situation there really does not have much to do with money, but if I had more of it I might be able to get more time with my daughter and settle this custody thing once and for all.
This was another card that confussed me because of it's position.

two cards fell as I shuffled the King of Wands and the 10 of Swords
again a card from the first spread and one from the CC.....


as it goes so far

I planted the flower seeds the day before 'the week' started. Nothing has come up yet.

Had a discussion that involved my mother as part of the conversation, but not the center of it.

Got a job offer, but after doing the math; it does not look so good.
BUT- there are other aspects of the job that make it appealing.
It's under the table.....
Last year the IRS payed me my refund and then 5 months later wanted it back- with interest of course. It's a long story, but in the end I had to pay it back. Took a good chunk of my savings. According to the goverments standards, my yearly income is on the bottom rung. So I'm really furious with the govenment now. I don't support the military action being taken and I feel that my audit was for the sole purpose of getting all the money the grubby little power fiends need to do thier deeds (4 of Pent comes to mind in a different light}
When this happened, by coincidence I read an artical in a local {non-mainstream} paper about being a tax resistor. I'm so there!!!
but can't do it with a job that gives you a paycheck.

OH- and....
I got given a bowl of green apple jello too...


Last day of my spread-
I had another money making option come to me. I still have to look into that some more, but it looks quite promising. The indications of travel in my CC ( that I might not have mentioned) come into play with this venture.

Many of my flower seeds have sprouted.
I had a crazy dream that was so 'busy' that I could not recall it when I woke up.

I got a call from a friend while at work; about her house-mate who possible took her credit cards, she wanted me to let her know if he came into my work and tried to use them. He did come in and he did inquire about accepting a credit card and therefore, gave me a 'yes' answer to her question....that was the same night and the same person who gave me the green apple jello.


What of the whole excercise was the most on the mark?
The green apple jello?
A string of 'coincidences' with the thief/raccoon theme.
Most events are centered around my living situation, the people involved live on the same frog-filled land...

What of the whole excercise never made an appearance of never got a connection?
Cream & Elephant...

What card stood out the most to you?
The Moon and it's visual connection with Death, that being my current year.

What element's essence had the most impact within your time-frame?

Earth/Pentacles- the issues with work and money and the possibilities that presented themselves.


extended time-

I wanted to mention this earlier-
In the week that followed the designated time, more of this 'reading' emerged. I went to work as a fill in at the 'job' that I was offered....and elephants started appearing in a few different forms and places.