Wildwood World Tree Spread??


I like using this spread but I'm confused as to the reversed placement of the four directions. The way I see it east and west should be reversed. And north and south had me scratching my head a bit, too. Shouldn't north be towards the top of the tree and south towards the base? Anyone have any ideas on this?


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Okay, I can answer my own question on the east/west reversal if I place myself beneath the tree so I'm facing out rather than looking at it. But I'm still confused as to the north/south reversal.


Okay, a little more research yielded a further answer to the north/south connundrum. Earth-based religions associate North with earth and South with fire so continuing along that trajectory we have north closest to the earth and south closest to the sun.

Well, I've enjoyed this little dialogue with myself :D Hopefully it will be of help to someone else wondering the same thing.


Thanks for posting this spread Madrigal. I´ll add it to our Tarot spreads index since we have a section for deck specific spreads and I don´t think we have anything for the Wildwood Tarot.

Here is the spread again in a simplified diagram:


1. Roots
2. Branches
3. East
4. West
5. South
6. North
7. The Way Through the Woods
8. The Wisdon of the World Tree


Oh good, my morning mutterings were of some help then :D

Editing this to expand a bit on what each placement represents...

1. The root of the issue
2. Possibilities
3. What to take with you
4. What to leave behind
5. Hopes
6. Fears
7. What will enable you to engage with the issue
8. The hidden wisdom of the issue that you might now have considered.


Thank you Madrigal.
Yes, your morning mutterings were of some help :p I have now added the spread to our Tarot Spread Index to deck specific spreads.

OT: I love zentangling, too :thumbsup: