Will anyone run the FSC this month please?


Hi folks,

I just cannot manage this month either. Would anyone be willing to run it this month (July)? faerylvr has volunteered for August.

I'll be able to start up again in September.



If no one is able, I guess we'll just skip July.


My apologies Marion, I cannot do it this month due to my work load, but I'll see if I can help you find someone. I won't be able to participate either, it is my busiest six weeks of the year, and I am running late on this round as it is. I hope we can find someone as I know we all enjoy these rounds. After this six weeks I should be able to help you out if needed.


Understand perfectly Jewel.

We really just need one person, to get the signup list (soon), and set up the July 4th to 23rd round. Choose a spread, select partners and follow-up, answer questions, etc.

August and September are covered.



Be happy to step up for you. Just let me know what's up. :D



Hi Baroli,

Just check the previous sign-up threads for format and 'rules'.

You need to post a sign up list soon, with a proposed spread.

The rounds run from the 3rd to the 24th of every month (three weeks), so the partners should be posted on the 2nd or early on the third.

I usually PM all previous round participants when I put up the sign up list plus post to the last month's list to alert people that a new list is up.

Last months sign-up:

Plus check this thread too:


Thanks, Marion


Terrific Marion, I will have a new sign up tomorrow.

Baroli :D


I just saw this thread - ((((((((Marion))))))))

Thanks for stepping up to the plate Baroli :D

:love: valeria