Will I ever find out the truth?


I need help with 3 cards I pulled. I just want to know why I encountered this person.. I mean I glad I did, but I wonder why and what attracted this person to me..

I used the Faerytale Oracle Deck. I don't know if anybody uses this deck or not. But if not, then may be the words at the bottom of the cards would help some?

I asked will I ever find out the truth of why I encountered this person?

The Frog Prince (Intimacy) - Water & Salt (Truth) - The Rose Elf (revelations)

Intimacy is something I don't really understand, like I know it means being close or feeling close to someone. Since I can't post the pictures of the cards, I will kinda describe them. The Intimacy card shows a woman and a frog together.. it looks like the woman could be naked.. I don't know, but it could mean feeling closeness, having some type of bond.. something like that.. may share common interests together, and I will not lie, me and this person kinda do.

The Truth card.. well may be it means that it's the truth.

And the revelation can mean something that is striking or will come out in the light?

Can anyone else guess? lol just from what the words are saying together.