William Tell Deck / Hungarian Gypsy Playing Cards


Hi there :)

Does anyone else out there read with this deck and want to start a discussion about it? I have been reading with this deck professionally for 18 months but only myself and my mentor read it in the region I live in (to the best of my knowledge, that is). So I feel a bit like I would like to reach out and see if anyone else reads this deck and would like to share knowledge. It is also called Doppeldeutsche Schnapskarten or Magyar Karta or even Tell-Cards.

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Hi gumdrop! I just ordered this deck and can't wait for it to get here! :D I'm wondering how you learned the meanings for the cards. Is there a book or web site you would recommend? As a newbie to playing card oracles, I'm grateful for any info you could share about how you 'learned' this deck. :)


This thread is quite old but I didn't want to start a new one.

I bought the German version of the magyar kartya, by Piatnik. There is a book by Leesa Ellis (which I didn't read yet), and I'm not sure whether I'll ever be able to read with them. Playing cards with German suits fascinate me, and I wonder whether anyone reads with magyar kartya today?


Leesa Ellis here

Hi Nemia

Leesa Ellis here, also known as gumdrop67. I wrote that book you mentioned. Do you have the Kindle version? If you have questions, ask away!

L :)


Oh, how wonderful! I bought your book right now, the Kindle edition. I had the sample on my Kindle for ages. I'll read it first and see if I have questions - then I know whom to ask.

I have the Doppeldeutsche Schnapskarten so either I will take out the Sixes or follow your advice how to read them. I'll have to try.

I've been learning on and off to read Skat cards (German suits) and I hope it won't make a complete muddle in my head. All those systems!

Thank you for answering! It seems you are THE authority on the subject.