Wings and Tails


I did the meditation/grounding/connecting exercises and I loved the parts with your tails and wings. I would absolutely love to have a prehensile (sp?) tail, one that you could grab things with! It's probably a good thing that I don't though, I think I may get into too much trouble. :D Ohhh but what fun!

I had a harder time with the wings. I could feel their energy where they attach to my back, but I couldn't really open them up very wide. I guess it will take more practice and patience. (ugh not patience!! lol)

Does anyone have an idea of what their wings look like? Do you just know that they are there? Do you even do the tail and wing exercises? I would be very interested in hearing what other people have experienced. Thanks in advance. :)


Yes, I have wings. I've known about them since I was a teenager.

Tail, I don't think I have a tail "naturally" but I reckon I could conjure one up imaginatively, just to have something to play with.

You know, the tail is what gives cats such superb balance. Do you think that works for the Fae as well?

My :D wings are like butterfly wings, except they fold down. If you push "blood" into them, they inflate and stretch real big behind me, about 4 foot wingspan. I've never thought of "flying" with them... and never tried (they're for decorative purposes only ;)).

When I forget about them, they fold down, a lot like Ilbe's attachments (as I remember without looking at my cards). When I have back trouble, sometimes if I "stretch my wings" I feel some relief too.


When I got the Faeries, I noticed how the wing attachments were thin and "pulled out" from their backs, so different from the way other winged creatures look, with heavier, more muscled structures.

And the faeries' wing-roots (if I could call them that) are exactly in the points where I have consistently knotted muscles and pain--where my stress collects. When I get a massage, there's always sensitive, hard knots just inside my shoulderblades. They soften and shrink, but they're never completely gone--and they build up again.

So given this thread and my new awareness of wing-roots, this morning I sat in meditation and focused on my wings.

I got a sense that they're big, heavy, cumbersome, and though I use them when they're needed, the weight is a constant stress. I'd love to have light airy ones, but I'm burdened with huge heavy things.

Any thoughts on how I can lighten my wings?

diane drizzy

Good Grief!

Now I know where those back pains come from.
Who woulda thought?!


Imagemaker said:

Any thoughts on how I can lighten my wings?

Give them a good flap :) They might just be extremely dusty, and who knows what else gets blown away by the mighty gust.


I agree, start stretching them more often to start. See if you can make them flap (it's fun).

If that doesn't help, "trade them in" for a new pair, lighter and wispier like Taitlin's wings.

This is Faery, people...... There are no rules....

(I also have back trouble at a few key points where "Faery wings" attach, and finding them can help pinpoint and deal with the pain, so I relate totally to what others say there as well).


My wings are like dragon fly wings, thin and oval shaped, long going upwards (about 4 ft or so) and short fat little round wings going downards about 2 ft or so. They're blue and green colored. My tail is a tigers tail. I've never "liked" my tail, i feel like i don't "match". Gives some thought to Alissa's idea of asking to trade it in, thinks about what kind of tail she would like...Hmmmm...any suggestions?


Give them a good flap

Will proceed with major flapping! Need to stir up the wind and send this gloomy weather on. Gives me a goal :)


I did some more work with my wings last night. It's coming along quite nicely. I also hold my stress in my shoulders, hmmmm....very interesting... maybe my wings just need exercise? I tried to shake them out lol I haven't gotten to the flapping part yet, I think my wings are more like Ffaf's, still a bit wet and folded.

Imagemaker, let us know how the flapping goes. :)

Sag, I was thinking about my tail and I think mine looks like a lion's tail too, but prehensile. (not that I've actually grabbed anything with it yet but...) I thought it was a little bland so I added stripes to the top side. Maybe you just need to add some 'decoration'? maybe learn to grab things with it? maybe change the color? maybe draw it several ways and see what you like best? maybe all the above? lol

Thanks everyone this is fun!


I did this meditation for a short while today and I really should mention the importance of Breath.

If you breathe into these wings, they "puff up." Kinda like inflating a pool raft! But, breathing is sooooo good for finding your wings and giving them some energy. Breathe in and draw the energy in from above, or below however you work, and then, on the out breath, push the breath into your back, wherever your wings attach, and the energy flow backwards.

It's fun.... :D