Wire-Wrapping Stones


Does anyone know of a good resource for learning to wire-wrap natural stones (with no holes drilled)? I want to attach crystals to my wand, and this seems like a good way to go about it, but I can't seem to find a tutorial or anything. Thank you!

morticia monroe

Go to youtube and type in "wire wrapping stones" There are dozens of tutorials there, and you should be able to find one that is helpful. Good luck and have fun!


Thanks for your reply! The ones I've found on youtube have centered on wrapping stones with holes drilled into them, which I'm not really interested in. Any suggestions for a tutorial on wrapping natural stones?


Thank you, those are really helpful!


Oh, good. What' I've found is that some of the online jewelry supply companies have really good tutorials on their websites. Maybe that will give you a lead, as well- if you have a specific place where you like to buy your supplies. :)


Here is the mount that I used to attach a quartz sphere to the end of the wands I'm making.

It's 14 gauge wire. I turned it twice around a mandrel (something that you use to help shape the wire the way you want it. Then I "forged" it to make it harder, which is to say that while it was on the mandrel, I hammered it with both sides of a nylon/rubber mallet that's created for just this purpose, available from the local arts and crafts store.

This mount allows for the stone to be removed and replaced. (Which is how I got the second two photos. :) )


Here are my prototype wands, showing how I attached the sphere and quartz points to the body of the wand.



Oh, one more thing: I got the idea for this mount when I saw a costume jewelry display at the PA Renaissance Faire last year. I'd been experimenting with different techniques, but none were really satisfactory to me. Then I saw a necklace made like this mount, bearing a colored glass marble, and I thought, "EUREKA! That'll work!"

So if you're in need of inspiration, looking at jewelry that's for sale can sometimes give us an idea of how someone else did what we're looking to do.

Do post pictures of your wand after you attach the stone! :)


Thanks for asking this question :)

It was on my mind the other day.