Witches Runes vs Futhark Runes


I didn't want to go off topic on choosing runes, so asking here. Are witches runes relatively new? I am familiar, at least a little, with the more traditional? runes talked about here, but I do keep seeing witches runes and read something that said that runes by definition are the Futhark and Celtic runes? I'm confused. Have witches runes been around a long time and just not called runes? Are witches runes and witches stones the same thing? Just trying to sort out what are really considered "runes" and if witches runes have been around a long time under another name? THANKS!


I believe witches runes have been around since the '70's or so, out of neo-paginism and the Women's Movement. They are not very old. Runes originally meant specifically the family of Nordic Runes....but has come to be used for practically anything that you can name and scribe on a stone or piece of wood. Properly, there are no anybody else but Nordic runes.
However, there are something like 24 (could be 27) various closely related members of the Nordic Rune family, and all are properly Runes. I don't believe that any of them are called "Celtic."


Thanks magpie9!

There is SO much out there that it's hard to tell what is what it says it is or has been out there a long time. Not that that makes something less valid, just that you read this and that and think, well, who came up with that? Is it the same as this or that? The great thing about the internet is there's so much stuff, the bad thing is there's so much stuff.

crystal dawn

the witches runes are suppose to be based on the ancient pictish (scottish) alphabet and I believe the witches runes contain 13 symbols.