Working with ordinary playing cards


Hi All,

Is anyone interested in furthering their study and growth in working with ordinary playing cards?

I have read the books of Deborah Leigh, Ana Cortez, Nerys Dee and Robert Camp and would like to connect with others who share a similar interest.
I am open to any form of dialogue and working with real readings.


I love working with playing cards....haven't read any of the books you've mentioned although I've read a lot online. The problem I had for a very long time is that everywhere you looked there were more and more explanation of card meanings. Pretty soon it was all as clear as mud.

My mom used to read with playing cards and she didn't have any books or the computer. So things that are blessings can also be a curse!

Finally I just created my own meanings from several different sources. One of the main ones I used was Hedgewytch but I have included other sources too.

So my suggestion would be....pick one system or create your own and then stick with it........or it becomes a complicated task.

If you start some study threads I'll join in as best I can.


Also if you look in the Study Groups Index thread there is a listing for cartomancy (reading with playing cards) and it lists threads already here that have to do with the practice. There are other more recent ones too so you can do a serach with key words and it will bring up more threads....interesting reading but again sometimes confusing.


Thank you

Hi DragonFae.

I had a good look on the site but couldn't find an recent posts on playing card readings however I will look again.

The more I read, I feel as if I gain a richer understanding of each author’s interpretation of the card. Maybe in time, I will be at the stage to be able to have my own personal ones.



Playing card threads seem to have been absorbed into the Oracles section. This link might help you.

Scroll down, and you'll find links to threads on playing cards and cartomancy.

I like to work with playing cards, too. It's more decks for me to buy! :)



Hi Metafiizzypop,

Thank you for the link.



Here's a recent one that is specific to Hedgewytch:

This is one that a lot of people use for meanings. I use some of them discard others. I agree that you can gain great depth from other's thoughts and ideas about meanings. I just found after awhile that you have so many meanings (some quite contradictory) that it got a bit confusing. I'd rather keep a very simple meaning and expand on it intuitively. Sort of like when people start reading tarot, some advise you pick a one word key meaning for each one and memorize it first.

For example:

Seven of Spades

Traditional meaning is trouble, trouble or tears

Hedgewytch: 7s are troubles that plague every man. (still not too bad)

Elements: Spades are air (There are problems) Still ok

Timing: Spades are winter (another one says fall)

Stages method: Sevens are variety added, scope of the idea must be expanded

Personality Factor: Spades are cool and logical, inner self is important

Another system (can't remember name): 7 of Spades: A warning against losses and sorrow, a possible loss of friendship, an unexpected burden

Another one: Sevens caution us to learn to shed light on secrets & mysteries. (spades specifically deceit, lies, and manipulation)

Now obviously there is a common theme of trouble with the seven of spades so the traditional meaning...trouble, trouble, tears....could just be considered adequate.

Maybe the 7 of spades wasn't a good example because it sort of flows (LOL) although there is some variation...but there are other cards that have totally different meanings based on the system. Some people even assign tarot meanings to the different playing cards.

So I decided to pull what made sense to me and use that as a framework, expanding upon it using my own feelings and intuition. So here's an example:

Seven of Hearts (Troubles related to love, family, or something of value)
Seven of Spades (Trouble, trouble)
Nine of Spades (Traditonally wish denied)
Ten of Spades: (Tradtionally worry)

Using the idea that red is good and black is bad...You have three black following a red. This is a problem that will get worse not better. Three Spades (spades are trouble).

The way I would read this (there are other ways too). There is going to be a problem involving love or something of value that will be worried about a lot. In the end what the seeker wishes will not be achieved.

In this case I might pull an advice or direction card:

Two of spades: Miscommunication or trouble with give or take. Advice: make sure communication is open and honest during this difficult time. Do not become rigid in your thinking but open yourself up to some negotiation.

You will definitely get to the point where you are done reflecting on meaning and ready to pick and choose what you use. Be consistent with the basic idea (7 of spades trouble) and you will end up with good readings. I look forward to having more discussion with you about the cards. If you like use the example above and let me know how you would read it.


Thank you for your post. There is a lot of information to take in.
What I have been doing is sitting with one author at a time and looking at the card. I try to scry so to speak to see if i can see, hear, feel the same meaning given. Some times I can but most often nothing happens.
I write up every reading I do as a way of remembering the card meaning but also to have something to reflect back onto to see if the reading came true. And here is where I fall short. Maybe it is because I am a beginner or I am not allowing enough time for the energy and the magic of the cards to demonstrate it's truth, I am unsure.
It is here in which I would like to connect with experience card readers and open up an exchange in learning.
The example you gave is a great starting point.
The Seven of Hearts tells me that intuition from the questioner knows that the situation is no good from the start and the 3 other cards only confirm this to be so. It could also be looked at the what may be troubling the questioner may only be mental worry than something that involves the Police or Law Courts


We could start by talking about the Aces...if you want.