Would you buy it?


OK, seriously now.

I have been thinking for some time to get my digital deck ( http://www.tarotcards.tk ) printed, and offer it for sale. I've been asking around at copyshops, professional printers and family to see what is the best quality I can afford at the moment.

The quality I've ended up with leaves room for improvement. The quality of the prints are very good, clear, solid colours and sharp lines, but the cards themselves are mere paper. Slightly heavy paper, but still. The backs are blank, although printing a pattern on the back may be an option in the future. The advantage is that I can produce these decks (including box and booklet) for almost no cost, which means I could sell them cheaply. I have yet to find out what it would cost to snail mail them to transatlantic buyers, but all in all, the price should stay under... say... $15, including postage, tops. Could be less.

Important question is, of course, would you buy it, or would you rather spend a little more money for 'real cards'? If you don't like the designs at all, think of it as a hypothetical question, if you did like the deck, would you want it in this format? I'm really interested in your replies, and please be honest, so I can see whether I'm walking down the right path.

(I have considered trying to have them professionally publised (by usgames for instance) but to be honest, I'm a little daunted by the quality and quantity of decks they already print. I'm not convinced my deck is what they're waiting for.)

Thank you.



Id probably buy it in either case if i could come up with the money

Im reminded of the Stick People deck, artist sold it for 10, now it goes for over 100 because hes not making anymore.

Small run self published decks are always popular in the collecting community.



Well, it's in color, which is what the US Games & Llewellyn want. You can send them a query letter with picture samples, if they're interested they'll follow up with you especially if you tell them that entire deck is done & ready.

I know about the self publishing part, some friends did their own deck & had the same problems...light weight paper, no back picture, no laminating, etc. HOWEVER, they did get a batch of 200 done up at Kinkos, hand assembled them & sold them for $18 each, then did another printing of 200 & sold out of those in 3 years (they had it at science fiction conventions in the dealers room, and checked with New Age shops around the country). The third printing of 200 was done last year & about 25 have sold with very little prompting and no pushing of the deck. So you CAN get artist done decks made up on the poorer paper and people will still be interested.

The downside is that if you go to a printer, they want a minimum order of 2,000 or 5,000 decks to do the color separation on. Check the pricing, it's going to be all over the board for a color deck. My friend's deck was a black & white one.


i must say, i glanced at it over and over, i just love your cards.

im really not much of a "deck buyer", i rarely decide to buy a deck (only own two and planning on the third when ill have some spare cash), but i would definately buy your cards. they seem proffessional, interesting, and very appealing to the eye (my eyes, atleast) although charmingly simple.

cant quite explain why, but this deck is outstandlingly appealing to me. i really do hope you publish this deck. even if you do, i doubt it would get to IL, but if it does, i will sure buy a copy.


Hi, just wanted to keep you updated on my attempts for publication. :D I've sent an email today to US games, with three cards attached and an invitation to my page. It was scary, I never asked anyone to publish anything of mine, even though I also write stories and draw a comic and stuff...

I really hope I didn't do anything 'wrong'. I spent quite a while writing the email and correcting little bits, I even spellchecked it, which I never do for emails. So, I'm a little anxious (sp?) now. I could try and ask my cards how it's gonna go, but I never really use them for actual fortune (future) telling, so I'm not sure that'd be good. Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how it goes, if you don't mind. *guilty smile*

On other news, I'm still working on the self-published 'paper' version, *grr* but I hope to finish that soon, so I'll be able to tell you what it'd cost. I hope I'll sell some :) Hey, you never know. They might get really rare and wanted someday. :p


I have to say I really like it!!!! Your name for it is very descriptive! LOL I usually like more intricate artwork, but your cards just draw me in.
I'd buy it in a second!! And if it was on cheaper paper, but inexpensive enough I'd buy two in case I ruined one. hehehehehe
I'll be sending good thoughts your way for USGames to buy it but in case they don't you know you can sell quite a few here on aeclectic!!!
Great Job WillieHewes!!!! :D


WillieHewes, I think your deck is great! Good luck! :)


i have been looking numerous times at your deck since you posted the link to it on the boards. i really love it, so whatever way you print/publish it, i would like to have a copy, so go and print!!!
i have a book of chaos deck, that is also printed with laserprinter, it's a black and white deck, heaviest quality paper a printer can take, and these cards you can shuffle, that's no problem. ofcourse the cardstock is not as nice as when made out of carton, but it's fine.
so, if copying is your only option, do copy it, coz it's a usable deck you get.

PRINT !!! :)



willie, i just discovered at your site that you already print them. can i have a copy ?



Go for it!


Wille your deck is really good!!
1. It’s simple
2. Good for beginners
3. It’s full of colour
4. It’s different!

I’m working on a simple deck too but it’s a little different from yours.

I’m finding it a tad difficult as I find the simplist things are the most hardest to do.

If I had the money, for sure I would buy your deck and that’s the main thing that counts when you contact Publishers.:) :) :)

Thanks for this thread and keep us posted!