Wow! Titania's Oracle book



I just got my Titania's Oraqle in the mail today and I've been testing it out. It is absolutly amazing how extremely dead on accurate it is. This was one of the best purchases I've made so far. I'm still waiting on my Lovers Path Tarot though. I hope it comes soon.



I have that book too....I bought it in the bargain books section at my local Chapters Bookstore. I love using it! I'm not sure if all of the answers have been entirely accurate, but I do find that they are usually very comforting to hear!


I'm a huge Titania fan. I have the Fortune Cards, the Tarot deck, the Oraqle and her Crystal ball. And, I've bought her daughter's teen oracle for my daughter.

I haven't used the Oraqle for a while but I thought it was reasonably accurate.

Oh, and I like that bit she's got in the front about not lending the book to any of your friends, because you'll never get it back ;) (my paraphrasing, not her actual words).

with love