writing - a new approach?


I'm working on the book for the Stygian Darkness Tarot... and I've thought of a new approach and I was wondering what people think of it...

below is a sample entry for the Ace of Cups... this entry is more of an allegorical approach rather than a "this card means such and such" entry...

Ace of Cups - see the card here... ( http://www.stygiandarkness.com/tarot/C01.html )

Twilight in the City of Masks, she found herself wandering the maze like streets with reckless abandon. He had called for her, of that much she was sure, but from where?

Her eyes darted down alleys and peered through crowds, but there was no sign of him.

"If I have not gone mad, and that was you, please, I beg of you... don't abandon me now."

"Never," his voice echoed from behind.

Startled, she turned and glimpsed his form through the cold blackness of the wrought iron gate.

Ace of Cups represents: love, pleasure, happiness, tryst, affair, liaison, romance

Ace of Cups inverted represents: infidelity, boredom, deceit. Need for change, broken heart, novelty

at the moment, I'm thinking it might be cool if the book was filled with these little allegorical vignettes rather than the more formal approach I've been using... see sample here... http://www.stygiandarkness.com/tarot/excerpt.html

I'd love to know what everyone thinks about this kind of approach... so let's hear your thoughts!


oooh! Very nice!
This idea has great merit!
But then, I am a writer...and certainly a fan of various forms of fiction...so of course this appeals to me greatly.

One nice thing about writing more in a prose form or allegory...is that it really brings your deck to life. Makes it crackle and spark...and makes it easier to understand the cards, and retain the ideas and meanings behind them.

I think it is so much better than looking at the typical flood of keywords as meanings.


My only suggestion is to do a storyboard

Here's a few suggestions:

1. Group aces, twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, eights, nines and tens together for each suit. You might want the vignettes to 'balance' and alternate between a feminine and masculine voice or dialogue in the different suits.

2. Go ahead and write up as many as you desire, then grab some of the cards in a spread and see if something shapes up in the dialogue examples.

I notice that when I'm writing a story structure based on images that my creative writing takes off from a design, but doesn't stick too closely to the design. I believe your story will add texture and interesting dimensions to your beautiful designs and will keep you interested in your project.

Have fun and hope you enjoy your experience!


Cerulean Mari



I must say that your deck is one of the 'bestest' of its kind that i have seen (only two i have liked)! i imagine that you have done it in photoshop. I am making mine in PS but because i am a beginner with the program....
now do you have any tips and suggestions for me in this regard? you can PM me so this link won't get off track.

as for the writing method, well i am a writer also like chronata and i find it useful the way you intent to do it. i would suggest either "following" a "story line" with the suits in a way. or just doing them individually, then allowing the cards to help you in the meaning.

with respect to the "story line" i meant that something, evena couple of linesin the begining or end of your paragraph, that would refer to the 'stage' that the seeker/fool of your deck is going trhough at that time through that card. this will somehow also relate to the seeker of the reading. you know what imean??

hope so hehehhe!



Oh yes, I like this! I love your artwork too, can't wait for your deck to be published!


The only suggestion

If you use allegorical stories they might follow some type of connecition through the suit. Then the suit becomes a story in itself. I do like the stories as the description.--Tao


This sounds a good idea and it may add a lot to the book and of course to the understanding of the images.

I tried something a little like it for the Baroque Bohemian Cats book but in fact abandoned the idea fairly early on as for that deck it just didn't gell. However, looking at your work (and it looks like an exciting deck) a more allegorical/narrative approach would fit well.

Look forward to seeing/hearing more.


I just wanna say I really want this deck! I'm all for a novel approach to the text, too! I wish I knew when it would be available, but then I suppose its author wishes the same thing! :D


danubhe said:
I wish I knew when it would be available, but then I suppose its author wishes the same thing! :D

yes indeed... ;)