Wtf happened/ is going on spread?



i'm looking for a spread to try and understand wtf has happened between this guy and myself.

so at the beginning he was interested in me .. really heavy flirting and we were connecting, then less and less and then he's gone cold. then friendly.. the cold.. and there were a few events that could've been the spring board for us but other things came up. opportunities where we could connect further hasn't been taken because of the people around us. but even with that are brief moments where you know theres a 'zing' between the two of us...

i don't know wtf is going on. every spread and reading says that there is potential for us in the future.. and that he does see me in a cups sort of way, 6 of cups doesn't come up for how he thinks of me which i take as good because to me thats the card of platonic friendship.

but i'm so so so frustrated because every time i try to do a reading or use any spread that may be relevant to figure out what the hell is going on the cards won't be clear.

so i don't know whether i did something or if theres something about me that turned him off, if it's work or friendship, another girl? if this is just how its got to be for a while before it gets better down the line or if its just how things are, and this is the end and its for the best and i should continue on with my life.

it's like theres a huge fog over this

so please if anyone has a spread that they can think of to help me out with this it'd be much appreciated. this is doing my head in!


I think the Harsh Truths spread might do the trick!

Edit -- If you wind up using it, feel free to post your results and interpretation in the Your Readings forum and I can take a look at it. xo

thank you stone_lotus, i took your advice to do the harsh truths spread and i did post my results and interpretation here:

i'm hoping i interpreted it right, i do have some week spots with interpreting the card still cause i'm still quite new so any help will be appreciated!

thank you for all your help! xx