X 10 Swords Deviant Moon

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There you are resting you in your coffin and they are still coming at you.
This guy really cant catch a break. Hes even got swords coming at him from underneath going thru his feet. I like this card because I recently felt this way. This sort of pain is felt from someone you love. He doesn't get to rest in peace.


I don't get the sense that he's in a coffin, so much as he's in a very tight-fitting box. Since this is a swords card, I'd interpret this as the box is a mental one of his own making...and the swords are pinning him in place even as he tries unsuccessfully to avoid them. Makes me wonder if he knew the swords were coming...kind of like how you hide in a closet, knowing that's one of the first places that someone will look for you. The only way for him to escape would be to cut himself even further and try to drive the swords out of his flesh somehow...and he probably wouldn't survive the attempt. Better to leave the swords in and take it like a man.

But even with all of these stab wounds, he is not bleeding! This is a mental card...his thoughts are killing him. Reality has bitten in a big way. The fat lady is hitting her aria. The pooch has been screwed.

If the box were bigger, he'd be able to dodge the swords. Since he can't, he gets sstabbed...but look where most of the piercings are:

--left side of nose
--left hand
--left arm
--left foot

Left hand is the intuitive side...this could indicate that the intuitive should be "pierced" e.g., a more logical approach is needed. OR...it could indicate that the left/intuitive is of import here...some sort of message to pay heed to that side of us.

AND...it's the side that is in the light that has been skewered; the parts of him which are in shadow (right arm, leg side of face) are relatively untouched. Is this a message to embrace the darkness of self and the situation?

Note the two swords at the top which are bracketing the right eye, which is wide open...he needs to SEE them (let's go back to the 2 of Swords) and recognize his choices.

One sword is in the middle of his chest, which is actually where the heart is located (contrary to popular belief, it is not on the left side of the chest).

One sword pierces up from the floor on his right side, and another sword comes in from the left and crosses the one coming up from the floor...effectively bracketing the man in, even if he wasn't pierced like a punk rocker. :laugh:

Most of these stabs (if you look at their locations) arent' fatal in and of themselves, but that heart piercing probably is. This could be a metaphor for piercing to the heart of the matter, which is the most critical aspect of the situation which caused him to curl up on the box and get skewered like a shish kebab.

What's that swirly area around the tiny blue circle (right below the skewered left arm)? What's that all about?


bumble bee

X Swords deviant Moon

Brilliant observations my friend. Could the little swirly thing be a sperm?
Potential for life?


That's his belly button.
If you look carefully, that's his stomach area.
This guy's belly have the same colour of orb like his toes, and if you count the visible orbs, it all sum up to 10.
Intriguing, i really would like to know what all these orbs mean.

I've found that these teal coloured orbs are found only in :
Queen of swords
Page of swords
10 swords
6 swords
7 swords
4 swords

Anyone have any idea why the orbs only appear in these cards?What do they represent?


The swords all pierce through the box, but not all of them pierce through what's inside. To me, the fact that box has been pierced, that its contents are discovered, are what's important.

A lot of cards depict all ten swords stabbing through someone, usually giving the feeling of death. But instead, the death represented here to me is the death of persona, not person. Some people build pretenses around themselves or "put on airs" (ha, get it? Airs? Swords? I'm being clever :D), but this card shows the revelation of the true self...who we are, and not who we think we are.

Now he's been discovered.


This card made me think: "One more sword and he'll be dead for sure, 'cause he can't move anymore. One last stab and it's over."


I t'ink eez dead. Not near death or dying, but dead. Parts of him are beginning to rot, there appears to be three stages of decomposition... he died in stages or pieces. His eye is dark unlike the shining eye disks of the living. His face is frozen in a grimace, there is no sense of peace that is often associated with the dead.
Despite the fact that he is in a box, the swords only pierce him from four directions: top, bottom, left, and right. He wasn't "stabbed in the back" and he did not "see it coming" like he would if they came at him from the front. So his position is not a result of betrayal, nor does it seem related to vengeance. Did he put himself in this position? If the box is his reality, what he chooses to experience and see, the world has found a way in despite his efforts. Hiding from the "truth" but truth found him anyway.


Little and bigger dots seem to be everywhere, in the swords, around his skin, inside his skin, and also in his eyes. Are they growing or fading? Is it the path to leave his current state or was it his downfall? Or can he be disintegrating into smaller pieces or creating a much bigger entity?
“Choose ye well!” (sorry, couldn’t resist)

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Great observations. To me the box represents his beliefs. That's how we limit our world, which helps keep life manageable. However, we also stymie our growth by attempting to halt life's flow. The swords show his thoughts returned to him, having circled and strengthened.

I see four sure punctures: left foot, left hand, left forearm and chest. It looks as if the sword behind his head punctures him too. Foot immobilized, he can't move. Hand and arm immobilized, he can't create. Heart immobilized, he can't love. Brain immobilized, he can't think. Seeing the other seven swords intensifies his fear, so he contracts and tenses again.


to me it looks like he was trying to hide in the box: he's huddled up, cringing in the back corner of it, his arm up to shield himself. but he's been found out! a spotlight shines on him from our perspective, casting sharp shadows, while the swords penetrate his hiding spot, and himself.
i think this is the dirty truth finally coming to light, a surrender of sorts (grudgingly - not willingly). something is finally being let go, put down, put out of its misery. it hurts but it has to be done.

one other aspect of this card that i think is interesting is that it reminds me of the classic magic trick: sawing the lovely assistant in half. this could allude to the fact that we often get caught up in dramatic scenarios that later prove to be simply an illusion...