XIII Death--Archeon Tarot


Dark, dark, dark. One really must look closely at Lantz's Death card. It's quite traditional in its rendering: skull-faced Death with his scythe. The figure is adorned with wings (which are very subtle and dark...though I assume they are supposed to be white...or maybe not). The skull Death carries is that of a non-human animal. Lantz may be hinting at the circle of life: all must be born, and all must die.

The Moon: there is a hint of a moon in the background (a typical Lantz element). It's only a pale apparition of the other moons in this deck. Is death perhaps nothing more than an illusion?



I like the addition of the black wings of death. I think it help soften our perception to his mandate. For sure, if you meet this death, it will be a turning point in your life!


Though Death can be a scary thing and a time of change we all might not be ready for, in this card he is portrayed in a less scary manner, though still dark. I believe he is riding on a a skeleton of a horse, to matchhis skeleton body. He shares the style of wings that the angel in The Lovers card has, which denotes they are both from another world but travel to our mortal realm. If you look closely, Death also carries an hourglass at his side, denoting time. He knows when his job needs to be carried out, it's not spontaneous for him. It could show that Death should not be a surprise, but a welcomed change, as his arrival is destiny or inescapable.


Change will come fast and bump on us, while Deathe rides thorug our life..

Dave's Angel

I've noticed how despite the intense darkness of this card, the figure seems oddly gentle. Perhaps the thick darkness and consequent softening of outlines is something to do with it. I noticed the wings straight away, and it gives the impression of a figure landing softly and silently. As grim as his appearance might be, this card always leads me to think of Death as the merciful release. Very graceful in its way.