XVIII Moon (In-Fey#3)


This thread is part of a guided study. The root thread to the excersise is HERE
Phase #1
Think of an issue you would like to look into. The question will then be given an element that applies to it.
Example- a relationship question, it will likely be a water Q, but depending on it's nature it actually might be a Fire Q....then again it could deal with Earthly things. Find the Element that you feel best represents your issue.

Next pull a single card-
(posted in root thread)

Phase 2
Each of the cards we pulled will be given a thread-
(I will be creating them shortly)
Visit each cards thread and:

a) State your element.
b) describe what of your element you see in this card.

* your element might not be obviously visible, but it's in there someplace. Look to the things that your element plays a part in.
for example: the Tower...there are clouds, which are water vapor and ....what ever more you can come up with.
In the case that there is NO element at all, let your thoughts flow about the lack of your element

2) Take 3 keywords from your description/cards image and do a word association, listing 3 more words for each one.

example, sticking with the Tower-
3 words- Clouds, Sky, Rain
CLOUDS- mist, vapor, white
SKY- heaven, blue, fresh air
WHITE- purity, void of color, blank

It's best to not visit the threads until after you have done your excercises.
By reading other peoples descriptions might influence and hinder your own intuitive impressions.

and now...
the MOON


Stellar reflections

My Element is AIR
* I used the suits to help determine my element. Because I have a few decks that place fire with swords, and I can read either kind of deck, I thought about the Element of Fire.

Another card that the element is a little hidden. Goes well with the shadowy nature of the moon. I see the air element in the 'silence' that is the night. When the still of the night amplifies the occasional sound. The sound waves go through the air unrestricted.

SILENCE- quiet, inner, dead
WAVES- cycles, ocean, curl
SOUND- firm, solid, vibration


No apparent fire here--but the moon reflects the firey light of the (unseen, hidden) sun in order to shine at all. It is a sort of mirror. The Fey is in a reflective, contemplative mood.

Mirror--cold, silvery, neutral
Reflect--consider, observe, receive
Hidden--unknown, secret, undiscovered


element water

What I see as the element water is inner knowledge from deep within.
Flowing emotions and a sence of coldness because of the night and fear of the unknown.

Three words and discriptions

- Magnet: solar, space, atrection
- whurship of the moon: ancient, cult, beach
- whurship of female energy: hidden (for a long time), power, love
- mistery: mist, clouds

I've placed the fourtht description I have also in the exercise.
Just to let you know this was intended:)


My element is [size=+2]Water[/size].

She is in trance. Her moods and emotions are dictated by the moon, just like the tides and ebbs. She is inspired by it. This is intuition to the extreme, but also dependence, giving up of the ego for the sake of transmitting the message of the moon. The moon influences waters, emotions, intuitions, and this is where I find the element.

Trance - Emotions - Intuition

TRANCE: shut-down of mind, flow, listening
EMOTIONS: water, sadness, tears
Intuition: message, connected, antennae


The Moon
My Element -Fire

I don't see much of a fiery element here. Feels more cool and watery. She has a interesting red cloth wrapped around her head and body. Could this also represent her confidence and intense nature.