XX-- Judgement - The Archeon


This is one of my favourite cards of the deck. When I first opened the deck this was one of the cards that just jumped out and tore at my heartstrings. This card depicts a winged angel in what seems to be a photo negative style picture. There are three gold trumpets to one side and the angel appears to be standing before a tribunal or court or higher power and is the person being judged. This is a bit of a reversal of the usual winged being calling souls to judgement that is depicted on most decks. The thing that strikes me most about this card is the vulnerability of the winged being also a feeling of accepting responsibility for one’s actions. This is a feeling I am sure most people can relate to when being judged.


Lantz's use of negative-photo imagery appears to represent turning things inside-out: seeing things for what they really are in the world. Obviously, this can apply to the querent and what he or she does, gives, contributes to the world and to other people: Karma. I get a strong sense of Karma in this image--rather than the Judeo-Christian last judgement imagery. And the fact that the figure is has a youthful appearance might imply that we are judged--or that we judge ourselves--with ever thought, feeling, and action we take every day--not just when we die.


I like the effect. It almost look like an ice sculpture. The sound of the trumpet doesn't seems to affect that angel (or it could be a soul).


This is one of the cards that stand out from the deck, because it's sort of "grey scale" (to use the Photoshop term) while all the other cards have colours. Even though I don't read with the deck, I'll give my personal musings.

Black and White stand for Judgement. How do you pass judgement upon a situation? Or judge somebody else?

Do you define an action as purely Right or purely Wrong? Black or white? Or does judgement need the shades of grey to stand for rightness/wrongness to a certain extent?

The girl in this card exudes such vulnerability so maybe ... it means the person who is feeling hurt? Is your passing judgement going to hurt anybody? Because a compromise leaves everybody unhappy.


And when the judgement day arrives; the trumphets shall sound..

Dave's Angel

She does indeed seem vulnerable in the way her arms are hunched forward, it's a very kind of defensive gesture, but she's actually holding a sword which she has just swung down towards the bottom of the card. Or is she straining to lift it? Has the weight of the sword (the exercise of judgment) taken her by surprise? I'd add the LWB sees no such tension, it states she is cutting dramatically through the ties that bind us to old ways and old perceptions, and prevent us from moving on.


We must learn to make peace with our past or we will lose any chance of living in the present. The past is yesterday and we must live for today and tomorrow. We must move on with our lives.

I find this card very in depth and at times challenging. This is a positive card of triumphant announcements, integrations and resurrection. This card serves as a wake up call urging us to come forth from the darkness and out into a more meaningful life.

Note the trumpets off to the side of the card.


Wise words from the LWB:

"To understand one's place in the world it is is essential to know thyself....there are many who would rather try to reshape the world than change themselves. What they fail to understand is that the key to changing the world lies within."