Yes or No


Wood33 said:
OK...Different users do things differently. It is how you interpret you piles wich will decide if you need to keep dealing. I myself do not deal any cards after Ace or Magician. This will then affect your next pile and the position Aces or Magician's come up.

I will give you a for instance:
Pile 1 - Ace of Pent (4th card)********
Pile 2 - Magician ( 6th card)**********
Pile 3 -Ace of Swords (2nd card)*******

Answer is a definite yes. However, the Mag would come up in first pile. Dealing more cards into a pile could give you more of a chance to get a Magician or an Ace. This would skew the possibilities and your interpretation.

Okay, that's what I thought!


Does it matter if the Aces or Mage are reversed? Would it weaken the 'Yes' answer?


You can use the reversals.....I dont but you can. In my readings, reversals dont weaken the reading


OK, i am confused. i think if I read it correctly, I draw cards until I get an ace or the magician. If i do, then I stop, and start a new pile, repeat the process, until I have 3 piles containing an ace/magician or 13 cards without either....
SO... I did it that way, asking about a relationship I pretty much know is doomed.... and I got the ace cups reversed in the 2nd pile,(pretty much tells me the cup is empty of love) and the 5 pentacles as the last card on the third pile!! Very accurate and a fun and quick way to get an immediate answer.... will go in the journal... THANKS!! :)

Professor X

This spread was right for me once again.

I asked if there would be a romance for me with a woman from my current job.
That has manifested itself as well.

I think I got multiple yes answers when I did the 3 piles for two questions I had about it.


Professor X

Be careful about work and love.....The two dont mix if things dont work out....Tread lightly


To all using the Yes/No spread

It is kind of important to use a journal when your doing the Yes/No spread. You can look back and see if your Yes/No spread was correct. Even more so, your interpretation comes into play as well. See if your interpreting the cards correctly. If it does or doesnt come out correctly, then you know you need to examine more closely. Well, good luck to all and have fun with this :)

Professor X

Wood33 said:
Be careful about work and love.....The two dont mix if things dont work out....Tread lightly

I hear you on that one 100%.

Just because a romance was prediced doesnt mean it will actually work out OR last long at all.

I am keeping my eyes WIDE open on this.


I've had fun trying this spread out but have had mixed results.

For example; I work in a college and for the past couple of weeks my Friday class has been cancelled last minute cos of staff sickness, training, etc. A few days ago I asked the cards if this Friday (today) would also be cancelled and got a firm "no". Well, whatdayaknow, here I am at work cos they manged to get staff cover so the class was on.

However, my friend works in another class within the college that had been getting cancelled. also. I asked the cards if her class would be off today and got a "yes" - but in fact, the class went ahead. Kinda funny thing about it, though. The student that my friend works with was off sick so my friend got told not to come in. So, in a way the class was cancelled for her even thought it actually went ahead. But my question wasn't about my friend, so that answer still came out wrong.

I guess one way of looking at it would be that at the time of asking the cards, the class was in fact going to be cancelled, but then it changed within a couple of days because they found cover?

I did also ask a few days ago if I would see a particular person at work this week who I haven't seen for a while and there was a good chance of seeing her today. Cards said "yes" but haven't seen her at all.


Hey moonpixie (I love your name!) - I've had similar results so far with the spread. Though I do have fun with it. It took me a while to get the hang of it - at first I realized I wasn't doing it correctly, so perhaps that's why it wasn't accurate then.

I also try to take into account -- especially with Y/N answers, that everything is dynamic, always changing. People involved have free will, which affects the outcome. And the time we ask the question, perhaps it's possible then, or not likely then, but then as time rolls the possibility gets altered.

So maybe this is something we need to do not so far in advance? And still, take it with a grain of salt, that it could change, of course, even then. ;)