You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison (Forbidden Love)


You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison by My Chemical Romace
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Wow so I let one of my RL friends know I was doing spreads based on songs so she gave me a few requests. I do not think she knew this song was about being gay. Hmmm, well anyway. Decided this spreads would be on forbidden love because it can include homosexuality as well as including other subjects you may want to read on. Haha, let's see how this on goes.​

Card one; You/ Card two; Your Forbidden Love
"now but i can't and i don't know how we're just two men as god had made us well i can't well i can"
----Very straight forward here. Just a great way to see any interaction between cards, common themes, etc. If your forbidden love isn't a person, then this card could just as easily describe the thing, idea, or emotion. Very easy to personalize these cards to suit your needs. I mean considering the song who's to say there shouldn't be three cards here? Haha, whatever fits your situation.

Card three; The Changes
"your life will never be the same on your mother's eyes say a prayer"
----What changes in your life have been brought on by the start of this forbidden love. These changes are most likely the irreversable kind, the "wow, I can never go back there again" assortment, if you will.

Card four; The Haters
"they all cheat at cards and the checkers are lost my cellmate's a killer"
----These are the people that disapprove of your forbidden love. Depending on your situation this may be friends, religious groups, parents, etc etc.

Card five; Ah but they're just as guilty
"they make me do pushups in drag"
----This card represents any hypocrosies coming from The Haters. In this song specifically cell mates make fun of the speaker for being gay, but they're the ones making him do these things.

Card six; Take it like a man
"life is but a dream for the dead and well i can't go down by myself but i'll go down with my friends take it like a man"
---Lyrics genius at its best, seriously count the puns! This shows how you can get through this, despite everything that's piling against you.


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