Your aeclectic nickname's numerology


Ugh.... Kiama is an 8.

Kim is 7 (Yeehaa!)

Kimberley (My official name) is 2 (Sounds bout right! ;P)




if I did that right, I'm a....

7 for my screen name


Hmmmm... I'm a 5, as my first name too. Not intentionally though. :p



11 for my screen name, 8 for my real one.



This is so cool guys! I could have guessed at some of the ones I've seen here. Who DIDN'T know that Kayne would be a 3? LOL

Thanks for participating guys. Now we all know each other a little better. BTW in real life my full name is an 8 and my birth number (when you add up all the numbers in your birthdate) is a 6. Now you know me too! Wait... is that a good thing???? ;)

Rhiannon :)

Mystick Dragon

My screen name is a 6, and my real name is a one. My birth number is an 8, which is the day I was born...



Hm... I'm apparently a 9 when counting on my screen name, and 6 when I'm just me. Seems about right? Well maybe part from the "responsibility" of number 6, I don't know about THAT...! :D

When counting from my birthday, I end up at 5, so my soul card (or is it Life card?) in Tarot is the Hierophant. And I'm a Taurus. And I'm born in the year of the Ox according to Chinese astrology... So I guess I'm rather consistently put together...!! Whatever that may have to say about me... :)

Light and love,
Jenny :)


I'm a 3

Cool, I'm a 3 too. I had never thought of doing numerology on my on-line nick.. It's really neat that it's the same number as my real name: Jessica which also comes to a 3.


Hmmm...mine is a 3. My real name is a 4.


my life path and Also "real" first name are 8's
My nickname on this site is...............a 4 .