Your FAV IN PUBLIC Lenormand


When you are reading in public, is there any specific deck or decks you bring? Is there one you ALWAYS carry?

IN PERSON, I could happily take any of my Lenormands and they're all in custom cases, so they are all gussied up :) and it makes a nice presentation to wrap their satiny ribbons to begin.

It would depend on my mood and the crowd, I would likely have...the Lenormand Oracle by Gina di Roberto. Just a great all around Lenormand.

I would look at the occasion too. For evening, candlelight, maybe Mysteries of the Old Castle.

For romance readings (and how many of us get those? :), I like the Russian Lilac Twilight because of the soft, pastels and that makes a lovely romantic setting and for just a fun setting, Chronata's Minute Lenormand!

Village Witch

I switch between Britta's Lenormand and Magisches Lenormand because they come in nice plastic cases that I don't have to worry about coming apart in my purse.


I have yet to do a public Lenormand reading since I've been focusing my professional work on tarot. I'm sure when I get to that point I will use the Gilded Reverie as my main deck since people seem to love it and it makes an impressive sight in the Grand Tableau.


I don't read Lenormand in public (I'm still a beginner-learner) but I imagine that the Bluebird would be good. When I read Tarot for people and they're struggling with the reading (or with letting go of it) they get a free Oracle card draw so that they can have a more straightforward closing thought. I imagine that the poems on the Bluebird could be used for something similar.



i used fairy-tale fortune lenormand cards, because the images is big and easy to read. i carried secret lenormand oracle cards for introduced lenormand cards, or use for showing/teching.

now, I'm using dreaming way lenormand cards, i carry one with me all the time.


Interesting to see what you all would choose

One of the pluses of Lenormand is...less cards and they're often smaller, many are poker or bridge size, so I can easily carry a few :)