Your favorite candleburning spell?


I've got some new oils to try and I'd love some fresh ideas on candleburning.

Rituals, spells, or however casual your approach...I'd love to hear about it, as well as any results if you wish to share. Thanks in advance.


Really? Nobody practices this, or cares to share?



Hi OG,

this is the first time I've seen your thread!

I have been having some great results using an oil called Road Opener, in conjunction with some other oils as well, usually Van Van....I put them on the candles while praying/stating my desires...I also employ "petition papers" with my candle work, and dispose of it properly etc... is this the kind of thing you are asking about? Or just any type of candle spells in general?

Do you care to share the names/ types of oils you are using? Is it Hoodoo based work or European witch craft style or some other practice?

Personally I love candle work, I find it to be very direct and powerful....and something about it just appeals to me on perhaps a subconscious level, not really sure. Lately I have been using these tiny birthday candles that are hand dipped and made of beeswax, I love them and love that it does not take hours for the candle to burn first I thought it might not be enough "heat" put on the matter to be effective enough, but no, it's been very surprising...and I do wonder if the hand made quality of the candles helps to make the work more focused...

I have still never done any whole novena works, as I don't have anywhere to let one burn for that length of time, though I do know some people just light theirs for a certain amount of time per day, and snuff it out....


Hi, prudence!

Thank you for the reply. This is exactly the kind of info I'm interested in! :) How funny - I'm just wanting to get started with petition papers, as I've never tried it. Do you just write your desired outcome (with focus & intent) and place the paper under the candle while it burns? And for disposal, it seems to me that it might differ with what work you are doing. What is your preferred method(s)?

I've been working with Twilight Alchemy Lab oils and also some of the voodoo blends from their sister company, Black Phoenix Alchemy. I have quite a few different ones, but so far I've used High John, Anthelion, Has No Hannah, and White Light. I have some Van Van, Fiery Wall of Protection, and an uncrossing blend from another seller. (I can't recall his name, but he was recommended on this forum under one of the Hoodoo threads. I've actually been using that one almost daily for about a year, with very good results.)

I love the simplicity and focus of candleburning and I find it very soothing and (so far) pretty effective. I'm not sure what tradition I'm following (LOL), but I'm very interested in hoodoo and have spent some time perusing Lucky Mojo and some of Cat Yronwode's copious info available on the web.

So far I've stuck with votive candles as they are easy, relatively secure and readily available. I'm curious about some of the other candles, like seven knobs or what Lucky Mojo calls the offertory size. What are the benefits of those, do you know? Does it depend upon your type of working?

ETA: Love the idea of handmade candles...did you make them yourself?


I've been doing a little of this off for the past year or so. I find that chime candles work very well- they only burn 1-2 hours and are also readily available in a multitude of colors. I'm not following any specific tradition, just going with the flow as the need strikes. I dress them in oils or moon water, herbs, carve things on them, etc. When I've written things on paper I've set them on fire in the cauldron, though- not sure how to go about disposing of paper if it's only been written and placed under the candle. Not sure I want an overabundance of papers burried in the yard?


I like the idea of burning the paper. I also recall Malcolm Mills - that's who I bought my Uncrossing oil from - saying that in these modern times, it's okay to dispose of paper, wax and other spell detritus in a plain brown paper bag with a cut orange inside it. (Just throwing it in the trash, not burying it.) I've done this quite a few times. While this is ever more practical than burial (which is for things you are trying to attract) or throwing it over your shoulder in a crossroads (for banishing), I can't help but worry that I'm being really lazy and possibly affecting the outcome in a not-so-good way.

Disa, what are chime chandles?