Your Favorite Underrated Deck...


How many of you have decks that you love, but that no one else seems to use?

I am sure that there are many decks out there that are really wonderful, but don't have very many fans...whether it is because they are rare, or misunderstood, or simply off the radar... or something else entirely...

...But for you, they are gloriously underrated!

Here's a chance for folks to find out about those unusual, or not often talked about treasures in your collection...

(although I have no idea why I am doing's just going to lead to more decks on my want list!)

In my collection...there is The Tarot of Baseball
I say this as a complete non sports-fan. I don't like watching baseball...or any sports, really. I am not really a fan of the game...

And yet...I really love this deck! It's drawn beautifully, and I do get the metaphors of " Baseball equals Life"
I admit, most folks who live outside of America won't really care much for this deck.
I started using it for drunk male clients in bars (long story...)

But the other day, I happened to do a reading for my brother with it, and really, for the first time, read through the companion book...and Wow! What a great, thouroughly researched, well written tarot book it is! I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I never bothered with this book before...but I actually gained new insight into a few tarot cards that I had not had before!

So...I have to recommend this very underrated deck!

On the Oracle side, I would recommend the Celestial Wisdom cards. Although they have only a single word on each card...and not really any pretty pictures, I find them one of the best personal reading oracles that I own. And another deck with a great book to accompany it! 'bout it? what decks do you use, that you think other people should look into?


For me its the Morgan Greer.

Before buying this deck I did think it was just another Rider Waite clone deck with a really bad devil card. Infact I had trouble getting it so left it 15 months before even thinking about it again, all the while buying unsuitable decks that I couldn't read or connect with.

The reason I think its highly underated is because of the way it looks. The artwork doesn't appeal to many, most of the men look like they've stepped out of the 70's, alot of the cards are very in your face - no borders and strong colours. But for me its the colours that make this deck. It wasn't just based on Rider Waite but also on the work of Paul Foster Case, and in this deck colours do matter. Each give their own feeling and emphasis on the card, much like the colours do in the Thoth.

Its an easy deck to learn on and to continue to study with, close enough to follow the Rider Waite, different enough not to be just another clone deck.

I love the Morgan Greer, I've never had such clear readings with a deck before, its a hard hitting deck that doesn't pull punches and I wish I'd have tried a little harder and not waited 15 months to buy one. :)


Am I allowed to name 3 ?? (not in any order)

-Ship of Fools (will post about this one as I study it further!)

-Light & Shadow

-New Century

I've seen the last 2 on people's lists of haves and wishes, so maybe I should try more often to start some conversation about these? ;)

ps. good thread Chronata! I'll be really curious to read replies.


Mine hands down would be the Tarot of the Journey to the Orient. This was an impulse buy for me - I was in a ship and I wanted a deck with an oriental theme as my daughter is adopted Korean.

The owner of the shop put this deck in front of me and I was sort of drawn to the two cards pictured on either side of the box, but apart from that knew nothing about it. I have used it many times for readings and find it comfortable to work with and so different than the RWS clones out there (which I like as well, by the way). The majors are presented with themes focused on both Eastern and Western culture and I find that makes this deck even deeper to use.

It was a nice surprise to my collection.



For me it is the Tarot de la Rea. It's OOP and beautiful, so I hesitate to use it regularly.



Le_Corsair said:
For me it is the Tarot de la Rea. It's OOP and beautiful, so I hesitate to use it regularly.

Have you any images of it?


Mine would be the Karma tarot by Birgit Boline Erfurt, one of my new two preciousessss.

I only got it today and it's going to have to share attention with the Golden tarot, but the Karma is really beautiful and interesting and weird and heart-felt.
Most cards are fairly recognizable RWS or Thoth-inspired, but with a very unique flavour. It's surreal and colourful and cheerfully dark.

Review & some pics here:

and of course here:

It's a bit of a strange combination with the Golden tarot (bien étonné.....) but these decks will have my undiveded attention for a while!


Herdera, I was going to post the Karma.....haha .... I use it.... and I love it. As you say its a bit.... hhmmm..... strange but its been a very accurate deck for me. I did a reading with this deck in the Seekers threads and it was a question about a rock group. Well as Jimmi Hendrix :cool: is in the deck - I just had to use it.

And Lee, I don't have that deck but I love the pictures. What a great idea for a thread, its about time the 'little known/used decks get a fair crack at the whip.



Some people scoff at me, but I love The Sacred Rose!
It is not as beginner and simplistic as some people claim!