Your Favorite Underrated Deck...


A found another one: the Via tarot. After I've got over the shock of seeing the Fool card (which seems to me really ugly but that's just a personal opinion -it literary shocked me how ugly it is :)), the rest of the cards have a really nice and expressive art, well executed and with lots of symbolism. I haven't seen this deck mentioned much (or I am way behind getting familiar with this deck).


The Victorian Romantic Gold. No, I'm not kidding. It's hardly overrated as a collector's deck, of course, but what surprised me is just how brilliant it is as a reading deck. It showed me nuances I never thought of before, just by following the gold ink patterns. It's a pity it is not widely available.


I bought the Tarot of the Pirates on a whim, but it has ended up being my go-to deck:

Not only is it is a highly accurate reading deck, but it has also been very helpful for clarifying the characterisation and plot details of the fantasy novel I am working on.

I love it because the characters are lively and are easily identifiable with the people I meet every day, the colours are varied and attractive, and the messages are neither too negative nor too sugar-coated.

The theme also suits my rather unpredictable lifestyle.