Your Favorite Underrated Deck...


My vote is the Visconti Gold Tarot.
My 1999 USG Edition has been my loyal working deck for five years now.
I rarely hear anyone express interest in it beyond an historical perspective, but it is an excellent, all-purpose reading deck for me.
Another one that I believe to be underrated it the PoMo Tarot.
I had this deck a few years ago when I was an avid collector, and like most other opinions I've read, I considered it a good collector deck of unique interest, but not a serious deck for reading.
Recently, I acquired yet another PoMo, but this time I have no intention of leaving it on my shelf. ;)
I've been using it for 'real' readings since I brought it home, and I am indeed finding it to be quite valid reading deck.
EDITED to add....OMG, the Stone Tarot!!!
I just HAD to look, didn't I?!! :rolleyes: :D


Tauni said:
EDITED to add....OMG, the Stone Tarot!!!
I just HAD to look, didn't I?!! :rolleyes: :D

And it's very affordable, too.....

:D :D :D :D :D ;)


The Dali works very well for me.


Well, just Dotti over Gumppenberg

I like the Dotti and Di Gumppemberg designs from Milan. There's a new version of a historical Dotti at about the Mary Queen of Scotts operatic or history stories...


But really, I'm going to try to work with Olympus in conjunction with Pagan by the same artist to see if the 'feel-good' meanings of Pagan help soften and make more relational the Olympus. And I am hoping the mythical attributions in the Greco-Roman pantheon and the strength of them give more muscle to the pretty pictures in the Pagan...

Thanks for the uplifting thread!

Mari H.


Oh no! :D I just knew this thread was going to do me in!

Thanks everyone, for your great responses!

Some of the Light and Shadow, Journey to the Orient, Royal Fez Moraccan...I have had my eye on for awhile. Some like the Sacred Rose, and the Morgan Greer are among my favorites...

But Oh!
Lee...the Prediction is really soft and beautiful!

Hedera & Moonbow...the Karma is wonderfully surreal! I love it!

Le Corsair...the Tarot de la Rea is most definately on my new want list! (along with all the other OOPs I will never own!)

And could I miss both the Mantegna AND the Titania's Fortune Deck? Arrrrgh! I must have them too!

This is wonderful...keep 'em comming! :)


Dead Star said:
I also *love* my Tarot of Transformation, which I believe is also very underrated and misunderstood. I find it to be very accurate.

I'd have to second Dead Star's nomination! It is very accurate and so beautiful! :)


i think the tarot du roy nissanka is exquisite. the artwork is reminiscent of persian miniatures with beautiful details and gold highlighting.

the colors are gorgeous and the back of the deck is the prettiest i've seen. it's a little on the small side, making it very easy to handle.

tauni, the 1999 visconti gold is my go everywhere deck. i love it.

Laura Borealis

I am thinking that the Cosmic Tribe may be my favorite underrated deck. (I know it's not to everyone's taste.) But I just got my deck, so I'm still absorbing the sibylline impact of all those colors and lotuses and cosmic Tralfamadorian eyes. :D


Nigel Jackson tarot - i love it but don't see much mention of it.


Bosch Tarot - extremely weird and hard to understand but there is just 'something' about this deck for me, and i could never part with it.


Tarotmyst said:
Nigel Jackson tarot - i love it but don't see much mention of it.

Tarotmyst, I agree with you about the Nigel Jackson. When I first got this deck, I couldn't believe more people didn't read with it!

My other pick is the Artist's Inner Vision Tarot. This deck is a gorgeous, readable, done with love, proceeds go to charity deck! It is so great to read with, perfect size for shuffling, and come with a matching bag, and a great book. I can't believe it's not a big hit here.