Your first spread


I am new to tarot and new to this forum. Was just wondering which spread do u i begin with to start practising? Could u suggest which is the easiet one and simple to start with? what were the first spread u used?


I started with a 3 card spread. Past Present Future type of thing and the celtic cross as most people and books suggest.


I too used the three card spreads (Past Present Future), and then would use qualifying cards for specific questions.


I did a daily 3-card spread each morning (or the night before asking about the next day) with positions Morning-Afternoon-Evening. Then I would compare the cards to what my day had actually been like, to get an idea of what each card meant for me personally.


I agree, I tried a celtic cross spread first though and not a 3 card spread. It helps too if your cards come with a book of spreads since my first deck came with a book of spreads and meanings of the cards. I used all the spreads and some I still use to this day even though I use a completely different deck now.


My first spread was the celtic cross. Three card spreads are good, but they can sometimes be vague since you can't say: this is the card for such and such...

The celtic spread works well with book definitions as well since each card is already assigned a specific question and the card can then give a specific answer. Thus, less interpretation is needed. Of course, as you progress, you will able to give more details because you are able to interpret more. However, the celtic cross can still provide quite a an indepth reading even if you're just beginning.


My first (and only) spread was 2 days ago.
It was the Celtic cross for a friend of mine. In the positions 1/2 I got the ACE of WANDS and the FOOL. I asked him if there was any new project in his life which makes him go for it!. He looked at me and answered: "Don't tell anybody as nobody knows but I was offered a new (higher) position in the company I work". Happy ending!


The first one I learned was a five card pentacle spread. It was printed in the Avalon Tarot LWB and was much simpler for me to grasp than the Celtic Cross. It is also a nice dynamic spread.


1. Outer self
2. Inner self
3. Opponent
4. Overcoming the opponent
5. Outcome/resolution/direction

The cards are flexible, as there is a progression involved, so sometimes they might tell a story, but basically when I've done this, there has always been an opponent; sometimes 1 & 2 can represent situation and clarification/extra detail, but they have usually worked out.


I started with the Celtic cross - big mistake! I thought that by using more cards I'd learn the meanings faster but all I did was get in a muddle. Far better to start with a small spread - three cards, say, or even just one.


your first spread

The one I started with doesn't seem to have a name. It's pretty interesting though. I start out by shuffling, then cutting into 4 piles, then layin g out the top card in each pile like this:

1 is the situation at hand, 2 is past influences, 3 is things to consider, and 4 is outcome. Now I also turn over each cut and use the bottom card as a modifier, which makes the reading much clearer.