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Always a wonferful and indepth interpretation by Lynda Hill - the September 08 Full moon Sabian Symbols and Astrology.

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What does mysticism really mean? It means the way to attain knowledge. It’s close to philosophy, except in philosophy you go horizontally while in mysticism you go vertically. Elie Wiesel

The act of contemplation creates the thing contemplated. Isaac D’Israeli

Faith is power to believe and power to see. Prentice Mulford

Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible. Frank Gaines

Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment. Lara Gassen

September's full moon in Pisces has a rather Piscean image. It's Pisces 23: A Materializing Medium Giving a Seance. This is an image of strong sensitivity to the fields of energy around us. It can bring up the need for a good radar about what's going on in and around us; to sort out the real from the imagined, the truly desirable from one's desires, the obtainable from the unobtainable and to sort out the future from the past.

The trick with this full Moon is to be able to decipher, decode, deconstruct and decide what's real and what's not. This is a powerful full Moon as Uranus is smack in amongst it, riding side-saddle and it's rather electric and 'what's in it for me?' attitudes can clash with the softer side of Pisces, causing overreaction, bluster, storms of all kinds and the desire to run amok and make things better or different or 'your way' against sometimes overwhelming opposition.

It's not all bad, of course; it can be a marvelous freeing up of stuck or earthbound energies. It can also be extremely enlightening. There is indeed, as Elie Wiesel said, a need to go vertical - to head for truth and justice and clarity, leaving behind the past and forging to new opportunities.

A Materializing Medium’ has a sensitivity to and awareness of spiritual forces. She is ‘Giving a Séance’, and can manifest messages from spirit from the “other side”. Roget's Thesaurus defines a ‘Medium’ as meaning “That by which something is accomplished or some end achieved: agency, agent, instrument, instrumentality, instrumentation, intermediary.” She is an “instrument” who is able to receive radiations, frequencies, or vibrations that cannot easily be sensed by most people.

Many things can be ‘Materialized’ in our lives; they can come seemingly out of nowhere. They may be messages, voices, noises, stories or episodes from one’s life. Objects can be ‘Materialized’ as well; we can conjure them up. Sometimes it can cause confusion, other times enlightenment. Realizing that one can create their own reality and the responsibility implied can lead to the belief that just about anything is possible. The things that are ‘Materialized’ can be tangible and rewarding, however, there should be some caution as sometimes they can have more to do with drama and show rather than having any real or lasting substance.

The trick is to sit with any new impressions until you understand their authenticity or depth. If you have to do something, rest assured that with the right attitude and a little preparation there should be no problem. You may have the talent and ability to make things up as you go along. Energy can feel as though it is coursing “through you”. Notice the physical evidence that leads you to realize, see or “hear” messages. Certain words standing out in a newspaper or magazine, words of a song that bring messages, something special noticed in a photo or other image, etc. Pay attention to these messages and allow them to inspire you to connect with whatever and whoever is guiding you. Aspects of personality can erupt, at appropriate or sometimes inappropriate moments. How much is true and how much is made-up, imagined or is the result of overreaction?

The degree of the Sun at the full Moon is Virgo 23: A Lion Tamer Rushes Fearlessly Into the Circus Arena. This degree shows the necessity to take on a challenge, to go for the objective, to move bravely and surely towards what you want. However, you have to be well rehearsed or trained and have a good sense of the objectives, maneouvers and tactics of others, otherwise you could be out of your depth. You may have to stay strictly 'professional' in your dealings with others. A display of weakness can have disastrous consequences with others taking advantage. Emotional reactions don't work well in this environment.

Some times you eat the lion, Some times the Lion eats you. Anonymous

One of the ways the above Symbols will manifest is through the political race for the White House in the United States. It's somewhat more of a circus than the usual mortal can manifest.

CIRCUS, n. A place where horses, ponies and elephants are permitted to see men, women and children acting the fool. Ambrose Bierce

One has to not allow the 'circus of life' to take hold and take over. We have to be able to see through the bluster, the bully boy tactics, the people 'holding one over you', the blur that sometimes passes for reality and look straight towards what's real in our lives and what's not.

Saturn was just recently on Virgo 13: A Powerful Statesman Overcomes a State of Political Hysteria. This shows a need to stay focused on the real issues, to not get carried away with fits of 'hysteria', to not allow others to trample on our rights.

Keywords for this degree:
power to sway the mob.
Having the charisma and talent to turn situations around.
Elements of personality that get out of control and take over.
Pulling the rope tight.
Mind control.
Political savvy.
Knowing what to say and when to say it.
Keeping your mouth shut and ears open.
Putting out spot fires.
Being motivated.
Issues of success.

Political oratory is an art in which nothing you say reveals the fact that you’re saying nothing. Anon

With Saturn on this degree recently and the Sun in this full Moon on the Lion Tamer degree, we've got our work cut out for us in keeping our cool, keeping a tight reign on emotions and events and knowing how to use strategies instead of reacting on an emotional level.

Saturn is now on Virgo 14: Finely Lettered Names and Mysterious Lines are Seen; it is a Family Tree. What connection to family do you have? How do you fit in? What is your lineage? Where do you really belong? These questions and more are likely to come up.

It's been an interesting (to say the least) time lately, with Mercury, Venus and Mars going over some of the more difficult Symbols in Libra. Mars is on Libra 18 for this full Moon and Venus and Mercury have just passed over it. The Sabian Symbol is: Two Men Placed Under Arrest. This can show people acting outside the usual societal bounds of decency and truth with each other. People pointing the finger and accusing others, people not able to be together because of whatever reason, people finding it hard to find justice, people being unfairly targeted for something that's happened. How have you been arrested from doing what you want? How have you had to stand up before the tribunal in some measure? Perhaps it's not you, perhaps you've seen others going through this. Perhaps you've seen others who should stand up before the tribunal of society to atone for what they've done, to accept some kind of judgment on their actions?

Mars soon moves off Libra 18 and goes over the ground that Mercury and Venus have just covered: Libra 19: A Gang of Robbers in Hiding. It's interesting to note that there's been a revival of interest in creating a new 'cold war' with Russia (China, of course, is not completely off the table). Here's my keywords from my book 360 Degrees of Wisdom on this degree:

Gaining unfair advantage.
Robbers and thieves.
The cold war.
Big business ripping off the “little guy”.
People appearing to be something that they are not.
Con-men mentality.
Holding up proceedings.
Mental attitudes that sabotage, restrict or control.
The need for light.
Private detectives.

Having said the above about the Two Men Placed Under Arrest and The Gang of Robbers in Hiding, things are moving forward. There is a shift coming, especially with Venus, Mercury and Mars all in good aspect (trine) Chiron (the wounded healer), the north node of the Moon and Neptune. In shorthand, we can expect a healing on many levels in the coming weeks.

We can learn to direct our lives by taking inspiration from the degrees of Venus and Mercury at this full Moon - Libra 20: A Jewish Rabbi in a Tiny Room Full of Manuscripts and Books, Performing His Duty. It seems that we have to rely on our own impressions, our own belief systems, on the responsibility of everyone to dispense the spiritual laws of our family, community, country, and out into the big wide world. We have to learn, read, write, disseminate information and to know what's right and what's wrong.

And Jupiter is there to teach us more, to take us further. Jupiter is on Capricorn 13: A Fire Worshipper Meditates on the Ultimate Realities of Existence.

Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistance. Hal Boreland

We have a choice now to really sharpen our awareness.


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Virgo 23: A Lion Tamer Rushes Fearlessly Into the Circus Arena
my sun sabian symbol!
yes what a DAY with the full moon in the exact opposite degree - a big eye opening day but a lovely birthday all the same
and with the bonus reading here - ahh it all makes sense ;)

thank you for posting Lyndas readnig again -
((runs off to check e-mails now))


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WOW Marina - Many Happy Returns for the Day!
Cake all round for everyone!

I always associate the Lion Tamer with you :)

The Moon tonight is big and bright - it was shining on my balcony earlier and looked beautiful through the pine tree's.

and ...
I liked Lyndas take on the US elections - she has nailed these all along!

Cheers Elven.

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Thanks for this Elven! You two have opened a new world of sabian symbols for me.... I didn't know of them before you two.

I got up at 3:30AM this morning... the moon does that to me. It wasn't shining in our window or anything but I knew it was waxing... It was full for us at 5:13AM.

I am virgo 19 a caravan of cars... or something of that sort. Opposite this moon so I am sure it will effect me all the more. I just hope for the better. :eek:

With Saturn on this degree recently and the Sun in this full Moon on the Lion Tamer degree, we've got our work cut out for us in keeping our cool, keeping a tight reign on emotions and events and knowing how to use strategies instead of reacting on an emotional level.

OH boy this is true. Yesterday was a bit of a doozy! I am hoping today will be calmer....especially since the moon is waning now.

and on thursday with merc venus & mars on top of my natal merc, moon and mars there has been a lot of drama around lately. :D Let me never say I am bored. :joke:

Happy Birthday Marina!! ooooo yum some cake - thanks. :D

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I had a great birthday - but SUPER BUSY and it has not stopped yet!

I hope you had a great birthday too
the sabian symbols are amazing I LOVE the way they just work!

I hope that this birthday year for us both is a bit easier and more prosperous!

thanks for the cake Elven ;)



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I hope that this birthday year for us both is a bit easier and more prosperous!

I second that!!! :thumbsup: