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25-01-2003, 10:26
I was just sifting through ABE and amazon.com looking at the descriptions of books on crystals and I came across the name of an old book called:

Crystal Power: The Ultimate Placebo Effect
by Lawrence E. Jerome
Publisher: Promethean Books; ; (April 1989)
ISBN: 0879755148

From the back of the book jacket:

"Crystals have become the ubiquitous energy tokens of the New Age, Claims about the power of crystals run the gamut from medical (healing) to psychic (increasing ESP abilities) and are often simply wishful thinking. The book critically examines crystal power from a variety of viewpoints: historical, scientific, theororetical, experimental.

Jerome evaluates the placebo effect in medicine and psychiatry and its realtion to crystal effectiveness. To test claims of crystal "energy." Jerome turned to the laboratory. In this book he reports the results of his experiments and also discloses the findings of a national survey of crystal-power advocates. His study of these fascinating, mysterious gems shows that the much-vaunted powers of crystals are not in the stones themselves -- but in the minds of those who "believe."

Well, I suppose the same could be said of tarot cards. (shrug)

Because it's so old, there wasn't much of an analysis of the book, I'm not sure if he's wildly skeptical or merely looking at it from a scientific point of view or what.

If you have a comment on this book I'd like to hear it. Generally though, what do YOU say to people who scoff and say it's merely a placebo effect?

25-01-2003, 15:13
It's hard to get this right when it comes down to putting it in words, but I'll try...

Whether it ultimately springs from the stones, grows from my knowledge and practice, or is simply a beneficial product of my brain processes, as long as the source and the effect are good, it doesn't matter to me where the forces are "really" coming from.

But I can feel SOMETHING in the stones....

-- Kyrielle

25-01-2003, 19:56
Is it really a Placebo if it works? I mean come on, maybe it is the resonance of the crystal with the mind that makes it work.

26-01-2003, 02:54
Originally posted by ladycj
Is it really a Placebo if it works? I mean come on, maybe it is the resonance of the crystal with the mind that makes it work.

Yeah, I've never been too concerned with what people say about such things. I feel personal experience is what's important.

I went through this with magnet therapy. I had acute chronic pain and could hardly life a teacup, the nerve pain was so bad in my arm. So I wore a magnetic bracelet and necklace for a year, but even after two weeks I noticed a difference.

Was it a placebo? Who cares, I felt better and it lasted!

I dislike imperious edicts from "academics" on such things and prefer to listen to myself or other people who have been affected directly.

So, thanks, I appreciate the comments. I quite like what Kyrielle said too which ties in with my own feeling about alternative medicine and healing.