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13-05-2003, 06:24
hello, hello! :) i wanted to ask all of you (or whomever reads this thread) about crystal/gemstone combinations...specifically:

Which stones do you think make the best combinations (i know this is subjective to the purpose behind the combination, but just in a general sense)?
Which stones would you NOT put together (for whatever reason)?
Does colour influence your choosing of a combination?
(even more specific) Are there any combinations you would LIKE to see in jewelry, but never seem to find??

for myself, i love rose quartz & aquamarine together...and labradorite and moonstone...
i probably wouldn't mix grounding stones (but then, i have so few of them! lol) such as black tourmaline and obsidian...or garnet and carnelian...
colour is my main reasoning for just about everything these days! lol...
i'm very fond of moonstone and have a hard time finding it in jewelry (that i like! :))...otherwise i think i can find just about everything i like...though not enough amethyst and peridot! i love that combination as well...
i make jewelry, so your suggestions are more like 'research'...hehe :)
anyway, i'd love to hear what everyone else likes (or doesn't like!)...:D

many blessings!


13-05-2003, 23:35
Hey Azure...hello...

Looking forward to seeing your gemstone jewelry...betting it will be beautiful and bright shining as you are...

I have a few favorites...but really don't wear much jewelry...I have some...maybe quite alot...I do so love to carry stones and feel them against my skin...they get so warm...sometimes hot when they are working with you...most are slippery/slidey so smooth and silky...their sparkle and energy shared is so delicious...true to my visual and sensual nature it is always color which hits me first...but of an even greater impact after that first flash of color is the feeling...this is most important for me...I bond and commune with my stones...my empathic nature...the vibration...the energy...this is so very personal...intimate even...and true surely for everyone...

if it doesn't feel good...why do it...

yes I know " lifes lessons and dicipline"...but we are talking jewelry and body adornment here...of course there are the ever practical reasons for wearing stones...this too is personal...I know I am always changing...choosing and re-choosing...as is all of life around me...I go through cycles and sometimes I wear none at all...preferring no filter or added sensations...just being myself...but I am something of an energy junkie...loving the energy of stones...their feeling and shared experience...great teachers and great friends...

I love... rainbow moonstone with rainbow obsidian...all the rainbow colored lights of all the chakras and lightbody...this promise...with the crown...moonstone...and base chakra...obsidian...combination...heaven grounded...

...quartzes with any added inclusions...I always
wear some quartz...so full of light...and life...so much of Gaia...

...any natural stone combinations...they always fit...

...pearls and aquamarine...my birthstones...yes...
flowing...water...such a necessary universal element...

...all phenakites with anything...spiraling up every energy...it
sings higher and higher...best for some with grounding stones...I have in the past used black tourmaline as this is my favorite grounding stone...it also occurs natuarally with many phenakites...and phenakites activate the higher and out of body above crown level chakras...returned this energy activates the hands and feet...doing and movement...this with grounding allows us to manifest these higher spiritual frequencies in body here on earth...

...I love combining silver...gold and copper too...all great conductors with feminine/silver and masculine/gold and copper a joining of both...perfection...

...chrysocolla...its softness and healing...with amethyst... bluegreens and purples...favorites...soft chrysocolla...absorbing...receptive together with hard amythest...penetrating...directed...working together.. amethysts vibration always keeps the crysocolla clear...crown and heart and higher heart united...

...seraphinite with charoite...their silky smoothness and opalesence...a soft but dynamic combination...healing on so many levels...

...one I love but never purchased...it was out of my price range when I found it combined...sugilite and white/golden rutilated topaz...electrical...pure bliss...I went often into the store just to hold it and absorb this combination...

Always the best for you and your new jewelry business...you will do well as it is something you know and love...blessings everywhere and everywhen...S

14-05-2003, 00:45
for a kick - a real booster:
peridot and fire-opal
i just got tiny stones of those but they are really powerful esspecially in combination.
at least for me:)

14-05-2003, 02:34
thank you both for your input! :D

RAVENAL, i really like that suggestion of rainbow moonstone w/rainbow obsidian...now i'm gonna hafta go hunt down some rainbow obsidian!! :)
i've never seen rutilated topaz! that must have been spectacular, especially w/sugilite (one of my faves!!)...
i can see the pearl/aquamarine combination, definitely...i don't know how much aqua i'm gonna have left after i finish the set i'm working on, but it's a good idea for a future piece...i was considering putting the labradorite, rainbow moonstone, aqua & pearls i had left over into one bracelet or a necklace if i have enough...don't know yet!! :)
and thank you so much for the compliment(s)...i will definitely send you the links once i have them up! :D
jema, my mom's favourite stone is the fire opal!! :) personally, i like the look of it, but never got much from the energy of it...i do, however, love peridot...but only recently, really (maybe the past 3-4 yrs?)...it's quite lovely and i bet the two together ARE a powerhouse of energy!! :)

thanks again!! many blessings!


14-05-2003, 13:31
Hey azure!

I don't know if I could be much help of your questions... since I'm just know getting into stone work myself.

As for jewelry.. I would love a piece made with either Amethyst and Moonstone.. or Rose Quartz and Moonstone.
If you happen to make something like this let me know :D


14-05-2003, 13:53
hehe...you ask just as i'm finishing up a piece w/rose quartz! ;) though it's not w/moonstone...:(

and you did help w/my question(s), b/c i am looking to see what people like...and you told me what you like! :D

i'll definitely be making more pieces w/rose quartz though as it is one of my favourites and combines well w/just about anything...i will keep ya updated for sure!! :D

much love and many blessings to you, Amaya! ;)


All Is One
15-05-2003, 09:39
Hello Azure:

Wow...great ideas here so far. Opals are my birth stone, and fire opals are the best of opals, but expensive or just hard to find, in my experience. If there is a good source for them I'd be interested.

Since no one mentioned my new favorite, I will just ask anyone: what would you put with extremely colourful egg shaped labradorite wrapped in silver wire...(I could cut them out, of course) and what stone could give these watchful labradorite eyes a more stable gaze?

Of the five I have, I have three still loose and have not combined with anything.

Imagine a rune set made of this stone?

Flux incarnate.

16-05-2003, 00:33
Actually, All Is One, i mentioned labradorite in my original post...:)

i recently made a piece w/labradorite and moonstone which i think is a lovely combination...

stones i think mix well w/labradorite (from my notes): aquamarine, rose quartz, moonstone, pearls & lapis...

as for providing a 'more stable gaze', i'm not sure...my first thought would be to tourmaline, but that might be too much for labradorite's energy...so, perhaps tourmalined quartz! i think that would look fabulous w/the labradorite and provide enough 'stability', for sure...

does anyone else have suggestions??

many blessings,


p.s. a rune set made w/labradorite would be quite magical, i'd think...:D

16-05-2003, 04:31
I love using quartz with labrodorite...it provides much focus and it's programming ability and resonance with the body and DNA are unequalled by any other stone...so you can easilly access labrodorites upper out of body chakra energy...I also like tourmaline for grounding...the black from different places in the world has different vibrational frequencys if you are sensative to this...the softest for me is the Brazillian or even Austrailian...

the Indian is quite hot but labradorite could use this because its fires are cool to cold...very mental and spiritual body and Indian tourmaline is a nice firey not so subtle body grounder...so if the labrodorite takes you up and out too far...use the very body centered grounding tourmaline...otherwise I prefer the other softer forms for good balance...even hematite is nice to use...softer...and it's silver metallic flash works with the rainbow lights of labrodorite...but...

great for kundalini and grounding with otherworldly connections and solid presence is Tibetian tecktite...it's glassy and textured surface is semi-matte...a nice foil to shiney and flashy rainbow labrodorite...

Azure...I love your idea of using tourmalinated quartz...this rocks...haha...and since it works at crown and base chakras providing grounding and expansion...it provides the space for using the rainbow of labrodorite within the 7 central chakra system...labrodorite does work naturally at chakra levels above the head...

All Is One
16-05-2003, 13:54
Great ideas...want to try some.

Most of all, I want to try the mystifying one, so I could use a few more bits of information on the tourmaline quartz. I would like to go to my rock shop and ask for some and not make George (hard core on the science side) laugh as hard as usual.

Anyone have a picture to post?

The jewelry described above would be wonderful to see if you felt like posting pics, also. I would go to any link you shared?



16-05-2003, 14:34
Hi again, All Is One!

:) it's called tourmaline(d) quartz...you can do a google image search, but this is a cool link to some tumbled ones:

basically, it is quartz w/tourmaline inclusions...very pretty...similar to rutilated quartz (w/rutile inclusions) in look, but not quite...the tourmaline inclusions are usually black, while rutile ones often look gold-ish...(personally, i love rutilated quartz! i have two giant tumbled pieces that are great for energizing...hence, i don't think rutilated quartz would give the grounding effect you are looking for! :D)

anyway, the rock hound shouldn't laugh when you ask for it...

and i will definitely share links when i get stuff up!! :)

many blessings,


19-06-2003, 00:05
I love the green tektite meteorite moldavite & it acts as a amp booster when paired with gemstones or crystal. If you need a specific stone of a higher chakra resonance & don't have it, pair something of a lower resonnance with moldavite & it'll fill in the gap.

However, it makes my teeth itch to put moldavite with an iron-nickel meteroite I have from Meteor Crater, Arizona (gift shop purchase); or moldavite paired with a black Tibetan tektite meteorite just makes me feel like I stepped off the edge into the void.

Moldavite with Boji Stone - sensations of conflict.

Moldavite & gehlenite - bliss! Completion of energy cycles that flows like an infinity symbol & completes the circuit.

Moldavite with labradorite - a space cadet's ticket to the out-of-body, trance-journeying express.

19-06-2003, 00:43
oooooh...i just had the most lovely vision of a moldavite & labradorite necklace!! :D hehe...i better not wear it though...people already think of me as a space cadet!! :)

thanks buzzbee!!


19-06-2003, 00:48
Hi azuremariposa - such a beast exists. One of my favorite rock n' gem sources is HeavenandEarth.com They have some great combinations and specialize in moldavite. They have a paper catalog you can purchase that is mailed quarterly & has lots of informatin & articles as well as their jewelry. They are a bit pricey for my pocket, but I love the catalog!

19-06-2003, 00:53
hehe...buzzbee, i have been getting heaven-and-earth's catalog for many, many years...back BEFORE they had that pic of the earth on the main catalog...

they are pricey, but i can get some nice tumbled pieces from them for the moldavite...i know where i can get more affordable labradorite beads...it will be a lovely thing for the right person...

i soooo wanted to go to the crystal conference this year, but finances did not permit...maybe next year!! :D

thanks again!!


19-06-2003, 02:50
Hey, kindred spirits!

I've gotten some good deals from auntiesbeads.com on labradorite beads but haven't found a source for moldavite beads except H&E...& I'd have to ransome something to get just one :)

19-06-2003, 02:55
i've got two places i like to go for beads...


neither of which have moldavite, but i figure i can get some smaller nuggets and just wire wrap them or something :)

thanks for the link, i'll have to check out auntiesbeads!