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06-05-2011, 06:00
OK, I have a love/hate relationship with incense. Some I love, others give me a headache. But I want to try more and thought I could get some ideas from ATers.

What types of incense do you like when you do a reading?

What types do you find relaxing? Recharging?

What types are easy on people with allergies or who get headaches from really strong scents?

Natural incense?

THANKS FOR ALLL YOUR THOUGHTS! I can't just start buying a ton, so needed some ideas.


Laura Borealis
06-05-2011, 06:27
Shoyeido is my favorite brand. Really nice quality and it doesn't bother my asthma. It never gave me a headache, either. I do get headaches from a lot of commercial scents, like nearly every mainstream perfume. But Shoyeido never bothered me.

Unlike a lot of incense, the sticks do not have a bamboo core -- which I really appreciate. I want to smell incense not a burning stick of bamboo.

It's been a few years since I've had any, though. I used to get free samples from a sales rep, where I used to work -- I haven't found it for sale where I live now. I can't remember the name of my favorite one, though I remember it was one with agarwood in it. Agar is just heavenly.

I do remember the name of one of the sandalwood blends -- White Cloud -- which I also really liked. I adore sandalwood if it's a good blend.

A caveat, Shoyeido can be super-expensive. But some of the blends are very affordable. And they have assortments and sample packs:

06-05-2011, 06:39
brand names i like are HEM, Triloka, Native Scent, & especially Escentials Essences...pretty cheap at amazon...
I burn mainly sticks, and usually depends on my mood, not what i'm
doing....patchouli, sandalwood, rose, lavender, or white sage...

06-05-2011, 06:44
Jasmine and Rose - make a combinations of oil from flowers or get your own, and dilute with 100 proof vodka and distilled water. Getting oil from flowers is easy. store with a spring of hyssop in the spritzer bottle. This is a great perfume component and can even be worn. Making essential oils is easy, and you can probably find a good recipe online.

The perfume is made to mostly evaporate the moisture. Portions:
25% essential oils
70% 100 proof vodka
5% distilled water (DO not use spring or tap water! no flavors or sparkles.)

Styrax and Frankincense and Myrhh make a great smoky incense to compliment it. Mix them well in a mortar and pestle. The consecration powers of this is VERY intense when you get the blend right. I tend to use:

3 parts: Styrax
5 parts: Frankincense
8 parts: Myrhh

(Styrax, Frankencense, and Myrrh are also known as Su He Xiang, Ru Xiang, and Mo Yao in Chinese Medicine. Styrax opens the Wu Chia orifices and the ways the Tao Tan Tien, Frankincense moves the Qi, and Mo Yao moves the blood. These are a traditional San Pao, or Three-fold Treasure in Taoist Magic, possibly the origin of their combined use in Judeo-Christian Rites, where Styrax is "gold".)

The whole of these together smell divine, unify well, and works wonders for fairly cheap. Purify with perfumed essence and consecrate with incense.

06-05-2011, 08:18
Really helpful info. Thanks Laura re the scents that don't bother you. I don't have asthma, but some scents (particularly those with chemicals) give me a headache. I am checking out the links. OOOH Brightcrazystar, I must try that. I'm not very handy, but hoping even I can't miss up your great recipe!

Rockersgurl, I didn't even know of a white sage one! Any special brand? I love sage.

06-05-2011, 08:19
My favorite incense is the brand HEM. It's made in India and isn't expensive. It's on a bamboo stick, but that's fine with me. I'm burning lavender right now, to put me in a good mood. Some of my other favorites are benzoin, ginger, amber, rosemary, vanilla, frankincense, pine, sandal, eucalyptus, patchouli amber, forest, and good luck. I burn them a couple times a day. They make my house feel exotic, like a temple. My least favorites are white sage (don't smell like sage), aloe vera (burns my sinus) and orange blossom (hated it, smelled like burning paper). There are many other scents of their's that I have and like and there are many other one's that I want to try in the future. Sometimes I buy them at the mall or online. I've tried other brands, but HEM to me is the best.

06-05-2011, 08:21
That's why I decided to ask. I know different people have different favs, but nice to know how people have reacted to certain brands or scents. I'm sensitive re scents, but love incense. I just can't seem to find a great brand.

06-05-2011, 08:35
I love incense and my long-time favorite is Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa. My meditation room is quite small, so I often cut the sticks in half or thirds, and this way it doesn't become so overpowering. Thanks to this forum I also discovered the HEM brand of incense; the patchouli scent is my favorite of theirs. My mentor burns wood chips called Palo Santo. They have a nice smell, but I prefer them outdoors as they can be a bit smoky - nice to have for medicine wheel ceremonies and such though. This shop carries it in chips, sticks and cones:

Laura Borealis
06-05-2011, 08:48
I'm glad you brought this up, greatdane. brightcrazystar's advice sounds lovely, and how nice would it be to use something you made yourself?

I'm going to look into some of these brands, too. Several people mentioned Hem. I googled it and I believe I've found the one my neighbor uses... on the other side of a rather thin shared wall...!

06-05-2011, 09:00
I googled it and I believe I've found the one my neighbor uses... on the other side of a rather thin shared wall...!
:D Too funny! :D

06-05-2011, 09:22
I MUST try that one too! As a teenager in the sixties, it was sandalwood and patchouli, I'm trying to expand my repertoire LOL.

07-05-2011, 03:35
well, i have allergies to losta of things...but it's the scents that get to me, not the different brands...scents like eucalyptus, vanilla, musk, and the ones that are mixes that smell like Axe cologne...yuck...

07-05-2011, 07:38
My favorite incense brand is Swagat and I particularly like their "Vanilla", "Night Queen" and "Rose". The package states that it is hand rolled on bamboo sticks, made in India using natural perfume oils, resins and wood powders. I also really like Satya "Natural". :)

Anam Cara
08-05-2011, 05:35
When not burning incense I've made myself, I have three favorite brands...

The first is Mermade Magickal Arts Incense - hand blended scents not found any where else.
I love the Mermaid and Moon Goddess scents.
They are a wee bit strong, however, and I find I use them mostly outside,
or when I will be alone in the house for a while.

My second fave is Morning Star. Little sticks (without bamboo)
are the perfect size for indoor use without being overpowering.
I've liked all of the many scents I've tried, but my very fave
is Jasmine... I burn it daily.

Lastly, for when we need just a "quick hit" of incense, we keep
several matchbooks of Incense Matches on hand - my favorite
of these is "Hollyberry" and "Cinnamon."


09-05-2011, 08:19
I can't really do incense at all. I do make a spray with 80 proof vodka, distilled water and essential oils...can't buy 100 proof in my state. This work really well for those that are sensitive. I will also use a diffuser as well that I fill with distilled water and essential oil or oils. My favorites are lavender, jasmine, rose, sandal wood and honeysuckle...I use the honeysuckle a lot.

11-05-2011, 20:50
I use essential oils... Mostly sandalwood, cedar, frankincense, patchouli, and sweet orange... seriously sweet ones like Ylang Ylang and Jasmine give me headaches...

I have lots of lovely oils, and like to mix them as the mood strikes, too... :)

and I love smudging with White Sage :)

12-05-2011, 13:39
I have the same problem as you do with incense, greatdane. I've found that vanilla doesn't bother me at all, sorry I don't have a brand to give you I usually buy mine from a seller on ebay who makes them themselves

13-05-2011, 03:15
My favourite Incense brand has got to be Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa. If you don't like the smoke you should burn Essential Oil instead.

Dusk Till Dawn
13-05-2011, 03:20
Aurashika Sandalwood. Always.

22-11-2011, 10:44
for different purposes, but would like thoughts on this site please. Agree? Disagree? Have anything to add? When I move I will be using incense more than smudging. Because I'm familiar with pinon and like the smell, that will likely be one I use, but will be using quite a few. I want a nice, cleansed, protected AND harmonious and calm space.


Briar Rose
22-11-2011, 11:00
It was Moon Gypsy that showed me what quality incense was a few years ago. Wow! I was so impressed. I am so grateful. They are the brands everyone is mentioning!

I especially love this one that she introduced me to:

The little box of sairaj is really amazing. I have been milking it.

22-11-2011, 19:14
I would recommend these tow sites as having really good quality stuff



both sell finished product as wll as ingredients for making your own

22-11-2011, 21:54
For burning everyday I use Nag Champa Super Sandal - it's gorgeous.

For every now and then or for if I'm doing a bit of magic I burn loose incense on charcoal blocks. The two types I use are:
Prinknash Abbey incense - it's blended by the monks there and it's lovely and very reasonably priced: http://www.prinknashabbey.org/Incense.htm
Mermade magical arts incense - these come in glass test-tubes and they are so good: http://www.mermadearts.com/
Starchild in Glastonbury also do wonderful loose incense: http://www.starchild.co.uk/

I've found that if I want to burn loose incense but don't want huge amounts of smoke that the best thing to do is to put a disk of foil on top of the charcoal block - that way the incense is heated but it doesn't burn so it releases the scent with very little smoke :).

23-11-2011, 02:16
I like Nag Champa Sandalwood, but my favourite has always been chunks of pure frankincense resin. Gotta be the chunks of resin, not just cones or sticks that smell of frankincense.

My husband prefers musky based incenses, but they're a bit too perfumey and not enough incensey for me.

23-11-2011, 03:42
I have read a lot of people really seem to love Nag Champa, but there are so many here I haven't heard about before. THANKS SO MUCH for all these links. They're reallllly helpful!

When I move I want to have a nice store of incense. The art on my walls and the scent is what really sets the mood of a place for me.

Glass Owl
26-11-2011, 09:09
Someone gifted me a box of Hem Divine Power incense and it smells so wonderful. I've already lit 3 sticks of it today.

26-11-2011, 09:45
would you mind sharing kind of the scent of that incense? More woodsy? Flowery? Herbal? It sounds like it's just wonderful!

27-11-2011, 01:42
My favs are:

-Ramakrishnananda Hand Rolled Incense (Shyam-Sandalwood, Matsya-Rose/Jasmine, Govinda-Sandalwood/Sage/Lavender) <-amazing quality! The scent is very strong and powerful. It burns a long time too.

-Frankincense sticks (imported from Oman but the brand name is Tennendo) from Essence of the Ages website. <- very deep & pure smell. Prefer this type of Frankincense.

-Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa (Agarbatti) <-old standby

27-11-2011, 01:59
These allll sound so great. I'm ordering some and hope to sample ALL of them at some point! Wondering if you were moving into a new (well, old) place which incense you would use to both clear kind of stagnant energy and add a peaceful feeling?

Kris Hughes
15-02-2012, 06:16
Great topic! I'm an incense addict, although I'm in recovery right now due to lack of funds. Having studied aromatherapy, I find most commercial incense disgusting. Like one or two others here, I like Auroshikha incense A LOT. It's inexpensive and the scents are pure. I particularly like their Tea Rose, as Rose is sacred to the goddess Epona, and she is very important to me. Most of their scents smell like what they're supposed to smell like, and not cheap perfume. The money goes to a women's ashram which is a nice bonus, and I know that's for real, because I used to know the UK importer who had visited the ashram.

It's good to know that HEM is also worth checking out. They have great prices, and I'd been wondering.

If you'd like to explore some pure scents from the US southwest, Incienso de Santa Fe is a great old company offering many wood scents - Cedar, Juniper, etc. and they are beautiful and I find very spiritually uplifting. Their little pressed incense bricks are very potent. I often find half of one is enough. Here's their link


and this is a great mail order company for incense from India, etc. http://www.incenseontheway.com/pilot.asp

15-02-2012, 06:49
Having lived in the Southwest til recently, I love scents like juniper and pinon. I must check them out. You're right, cost does affect how much or which types of incense I get which is why I was so interested in everyone's thoughts on favorites. When you're first getting a certain type, even with a description, hard to know what will show up in the mail. At least finding out others thoughts gives me more to go on!

The crowned one
15-02-2012, 06:53
Must be natural and I like a Aloeswood base.

15-02-2012, 09:09
I don't remember who it was who sent me dhoop sticks...but I saved and savored those for years, until I finally ran out! Haven't been able to find the exact same ones like I had.

But then there is this...


I have loved these since I was a teenager. They are hand made, and were sold at the Renaissance faire where I worked, and I recently rediscovered them. And actually danced for joy!!!

When I was burning these in my fortune telling tent last Halloween, I can't tell you how many people came in to ask what it was...and where they could get it!

Blue Rose is my favorite of theirs...but they also have an awesome variety pack available.(listed as the Best Of collection!)
Try them. You WILL fall in love with them!

15-02-2012, 09:14
I love burning incense- and my favorite is hawthorn rose kyphi made by the lovely Sarah.


I love all of her stuff- great quality incense- but that one is my favorite.

Like honey, vanilla, sex and roses- all rolled into one :D


And I will be burning it tonight for Valentine's day ;)

The crowned one
15-02-2012, 09:15
Today I bought:

Shunsui - Aloeswood Blend
Reiryo Koh Aloeswood
Jinkoh Zuzan / Aloeswood

and 2 tubes of the very cheap Chabana Aloeswood, that is absolutely amazing for the price.

My favourite merchant is "Japan incense" in San Francisco.

15-02-2012, 09:32
I'm making a list. I can't try them all at once, but figure slowly but surely I can get through a lot of these! I love reading why you all like certain ones and the kind of environment it creates. I have problems with some scents, well, not the scents, it's usually about the CHEMICALS added to something. So reading which are more natural is really helpful for me.

20-02-2012, 17:00
I like cedar, juniper, and the various wild sages that grow around California. I get my smudges locally, from people who harvest it while hiking in the trails. I could probably gather some while I'm on the trails, but with my luck I'd pick out the poison ivy, or something itchy. meh.

I did just see some lavendar smudges on etsy, and I was wondering if anyone had tried them. It's not really floral, more earthy, supposedly.

I do like the scents of burning oils, too. English tea rose and grass mixed together is wonderful, smells like a summer garden. I also have a cedarwood, lavendar, and ylang essential oil mix that I'm partial to, it's called evening tranquility.

nice topic, very informative!

20-02-2012, 23:07
Wow, I see we like many of the same scents in incense.

Was wondering, you mentioned Evening Tranquility, which sounds lovely, may I ask the brand?

21-02-2012, 07:45
Wow, I see we like many of the same scents in incense.

Was wondering, you mentioned Evening Tranquility, which sounds lovely, may I ask the brand?

hmm, just says aromatherapy collection. inbal.

I just got it, too. i am sure you could make your own mix by just buying the three essential oils, and finding just the right mix. ? hope that answers your question.

21-02-2012, 10:05
Need to do some heavy-duty psychic journeywork or shamanic traveling? Dragon's Blood - potent stuff best used in small quantities on a charcoal briquette. ZOWIE!!!

25-02-2012, 17:21
Aromacology blends for meditation and energizing.

26-02-2012, 00:14
I'm getting so much great info. I wish I could get all the ones mentioned at once!

I love incense, but some of the cheaper kinds that have whatever added (weird chemicals?) give me a headache while others are just great for me. You've all added sooo many wonderful ideas and I thank you for all of them. Little by little, I'd love to try them ALL!

27-02-2012, 01:43
is the only kind I've found that is not wood-based, which means it does not
give off any noxious fumes, which I personally, find offensive. Much of it
comes in smokeless as well. I am a Buddhist, you can buy it mail order at
www.sgi-usa.com There should be a link for 'mail order' or 'bookstore'. The
one I just discovered is lavender, and it is fantastic - light but still with a pervading
aroma. In Japnese, ka-fuh, and the company is Nippon Kodo Ltd. Many New Age
bookstores sell their incense as well. They come in Patchouli, sandalwood, and
something called Aqua, which is heavenly as well.

27-02-2012, 01:53
I will check that one out too.