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13-09-2005, 16:37
This is a typical problem I run into with things herbal.

Where does one get reliable information on the usages, location, season, preparation, dosages, and storage of herbal remedies? I have found a number of websites, many of which contradict each other. Same with a variety of books out there.

Please note, I'm not asking anyone to play doctor here; just steer me toward accurate and tested information. Is there some organization that guides herbalism as a practice?

14-09-2005, 21:53
Hey Nightwing, groovy to see you in the nontarot cafe'!

I've had the same problem. No one seems to agree on plant properties!!!
I've read many books and websites, and found that the best way to learn herb uses is to find the answer that reoccurs most often and then experiment. Part of the problem is that everyone reacts a little differently to medicines. Some people drink a little Valerian and fall right asleep, my husband just gets a stomach ache.

My little Herb bible, which I use as a main reference is
The Herb Book by John Lust. It is the first and last place I look, because he seems to have the answers that work best for me. But I supplement because his language is sometimes a little too generic.

I recently found a web page which seems fairly reliable, although I'm still testing it out


Some herbs are well addressed others, not so much, but the info seems correct, intuitively anyway.

As far as organisations go, yes there are several out there, but I don't know them specifically, I've just seem them up and about. But since herbs are relitively unregulated there are alot of diffferent answers out there.

Also, remember you can ask questions in this forum or other forums if you're just not sure, and get personal responces from others on how it worked for them, which is always a good thing. First hand info is the best you can get.

hope that helps some if not I'll find some other stuff to list.

Love and Light,


14-09-2005, 22:05
Forgot this one


I also highly recommend keeping a notebook of your research, so you can add in and skratch out what does and doesn't work for you. Five years after starting mine, I have my own herbal which is reliable for me.

Love and Light


17-09-2005, 11:15
Hey NightWing,

I just found an awsome resource for Liquid Herbal Extracts, their uses and what to mix with what to get what effect. It's put together by Ed Smith who also part owns Herb-Pharm one of the more popular extract companies, and highly reliable, IMHO. This site is seperate from the company and designed specifically for educational purposes. I'm hoping to talk to Ed tommorow at a natural products conference I'm working in town.

heres the link,


Check out the Therapeutic Manual section, and the Articles this guy has written are also great for dispelling myths and hype that popular media are so fond of.

Love and Light,


18-09-2005, 02:44
Thanks for the website Ankou. Looks really good.

18-09-2005, 11:24
Ankou: Thanks for the suggested sites in your several postings. I appreciate it. Holy Sophia knows I can use the help!


18-09-2005, 11:31
HA ha heee.... I need help to, but I don't know of any herbs for that })

sorry, I'm a bit punchy right now... Your welcome, I hope these resourses help. I've spent the past two days reading Ed Smith's manual and it's just fantastic. It's almost like a medical recipie book! And so far all the research studies I've been reading at this conference show that he's one hundred percent on the money. Didn't get to talk to him today but maybe tomorrow if I'm lucky...

Love and Light,


06-09-2008, 06:57
I just received my order from Herb-pharm today. they have a little booklet (cheap/free) that gives a very brief rundown on a huge number of herbs, esp. the bottled extracts... it came with my order today, and I was surprised to find that it's exactly what I've been hunting the virtual bookshelves at Amazon for... and here it is, free. Go figure. It's highly useful, none of the baloney that you usually find. so many of the books out there are simply copied from old, quaint, musty, (completely useless) manuscripts. For some unknown reason, the "Modern Herbal" by Margaret Grieve is a very plagerised book. And there is NOTHING 'modern' about it. There is nothing to stop people (who have no knowledge whatsoever) from writing an herb book, apparently.

Anyway, Ed Smith knows what he's doing. And furthermore, it actually IS MODERN.

I love my herb-pharm. They are very professional. I recommend them highly. They do have a website, for their products, go to herb-pharm.com