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07-05-2006, 17:45
First the lead up: on thsi the 7th day of may themoon is in virgo and will go void of course in virgo 11:50MST/1:50EST on Monday and enter Libra @ 7:10MST/9:10EST. This is a good time to finish things up, work in the yard, communicate your ideals and objectives, and get things started or completed. projects that are in mid phase will be halted and distorted, don't worry about it, some things just take time. Once into Libra the moon makes an oppositointo Venus in Aries, balance will take over and venus wil be releived of her burdens. expect lots of change. This change will be initiated by the moons square to mars, and unwelcome truths will come about, unwelcome assuming that you are being misbehaved and are not playing by the rules that you know you should be. A luanr trine to neptune shows the advantages of imaginative thoughts, this will be tested with the following moon/neptune square (which will also be a moon/uranus trine, this encourages serious thoughts about indiviudality.)

The moon will be in libra and will go void of course on wendsday @ 11:15MST/1:15EST PM and will stay in libra until 6:24MST/8:24EST AM on thurdsay. Those unwelcome truths will come across as a very direct restriction, but one that is in place for good reasons. This is reflected by the moons square to saturn, and fianlly the full moon itself over the weekend will resolve any issues that have been floating in the air.

09-05-2006, 18:44

the moon opposes venus through the morning, and trines chiron. Chiron is at 11aquarius and is pushing for new paradigms to be accepted and understood. This puts chiron in a sextile to Venus, aquarius sextile to aries. While this is a good time for women to visit the doctor, don't discount the benefits of alternitive medicines and techniques.

The moon Sextiles Saturn, this time it is libra sextiling to Leo, The moon in libra is quite the balanced position, although there might be some sensitivity if the energy goes too wild, Saturn in Leo keeps the expectations of leadership squared and centered.

Aries is active fire that is extinguished by the fixed wind of aquarius, while libras steady active wind keeps leos fire going. Leo will assist Aries in this, but Aries must seek balance and Aquarius must accept the heat that is in the air.

This 4 point aspect makes a rectangle in the chart, meanign that humanity as a whole is having to come to terms with something, it will vary from locale to locale, but other than the mundane there is going to be something (maybe a few things) of larger magnitude behind the curtain, and aries and leo just might set that curtain on fire.

10-05-2006, 12:42
Before the moons trine to neptune turns into a square, the sun will square the planet of imgination and vision. Squares are not always easy to deal with, but between Aquarius and Taurus there is a fixed position in how things will be addressed. Above all there will be ocnsistancy and structure, perhaps somethign new, but structure none the less.

This means that neptune will be squared to both the sun and the moon within 24 hours, and themoon will be in conjunction with jupiter. Further more the moon will be out of bounds shortly after the full moon (out of bounds is an inclination or declination of the moon beyond 23 degrees).

With neptune squared to both the sun and moon there is a reorganization of responsibility and the redelegation of business needs. The moon conjunct to jupiter will put finances and expansion, jupiter rules the 'big picture' and themoon the emotinoal side of everything. The emotional side will be made obvious as the weekend becomes a reality, but the 'big picture' jupiter in Scorpio demands that change take place or something will be forced into the situation that might not be the most desirable prosepct or have the best outcome. The moon out of bounds will put everyone on an emotional curve, so be careful as to what you say or do, especially in teh work place. The moon out of bounds will be in sagittarius, so care and tact will have to be in place. The moon returning from this out-of-bounds zone will also return a great deal of 21 century realisim as to where and when we are and how it affect how we are as the human race and how our nationanality affects who we are and how we present ourselves to eachother.

13-05-2006, 05:10
And its here, the scorpio full moon, at 11:51pm PT/12:51 MT/1:51 CT/2:51 Et. This si an interesting moon to say the least, as it trines uranus and mars, it also squares neptune, but as the moon moves past its full occulation, and into its out of bounds position, thos aspects will be completed. That makes this an moon going out of bounds, void of course and in full reflection of the Taurus sun. Teh energy is going to be a little wild for the weekend, so take care. Powerful conversations will take place, and the local energy will take over.

13-05-2006, 06:22
I'm waiting for the New Moon in Scorpio...
Venus and Mars will be in conjunction too,
for the first time in a long time~ Invisibly!


Tonight (tomorrow)...
1:51 AM my time I'll be out with my
Gypsy Tambourine saying "Hello!" :)

14-05-2006, 13:57
Well for once the full moon did not keep me awake at night, I slept and I slept hard and fast, i also had some very interesting and very positive dreams. Saturday afternood was unevntful but tonight seems to be filled with energy as certain stories continue to be compelling, and other stories end--although a few stories seem to be lost in the mix somewhere, perhaps to be rediscovered and reactivated at a later time if not so already.

the moon in sagittarius will trine saturn in leo and venus in aries, a loving and active aspect that just might get a little fiery if things go the wrong direction, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially if that woman is of a fire sign. Saturn in Leo puts reality in everyones face for the last time as debates become heated, and in the end, there is no devil's advocate here--there is only the truth of the matter.