View Full Version : azurite and lazurite?

26-11-2007, 21:51
what's the difference? i've been browsing stuff in ebay and sometimes get this suspicion that they're being confused with each other? so, erm, what's the difference between the two, and how do you usually tell them apart? i read some years back about edgar cayce associating the name lazurite with lapis lazuli and azurite with lapis linguis? is this true? for one, nothing showed up when i searched for lapis linguis in ebay...

27-11-2007, 01:29
This short article may help: :)
And one on azurite:
Sounds like azurite contains copper, but lazurite doesn't.


27-11-2007, 16:19
thanks a lot for that one! so lapis lazuli has lazurite in its composition...

03-02-2008, 08:00
I have lapis lazuli and azurite. Ive worked more with lapis and it's a powerful stone. Azurite I dont know much about it. Most of these dark indigo 6th chakra stones are psychic and very strong.