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universal energy when your heart and soul collide

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 22 Feb 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

GeminiLady  22 Feb 2002 
Hi gang,

I'm working on my master level of PRISMology and as part of my certification, I have a requirement of four attunements. (among other things)

A family member has been expressing a desire to learn this. The problem is that this family member has cause a LOT of hurt to my family. He's been a very negative person and Attuning him will most likely bring me to my own "dark night of the soul" Not only the act of opening myself up to him, but helping him through his cleansing--reliving parts of my life that I would rather not.

Part of me is asking to continue to be protected with the wall that I have put up. --And part of me says that it's time to deal with old hurts so that I can progress.

I feel that this attunement will benefit, not only him, but once I get through it, it will have cleansed me of years of bad feelings.

I feel like I am taking a huge test, and I already know I will need to go through with it. ..sigh...

I guess I could really use some encouragement, so if you have something positive to say, now's the time. :-)

Aside from that, there is a part of me that wonders how successful he will be working with energy. I've known him as someone that doesn't have a lot of love in his heart. Knowing his negatve mindset, I'm wondering about the type of cleansing he will have.

Thanks for listening, and if you've been there, or have a tip, I'd appreciate the feedback.

Love and Light,

Liliana  22 Feb 2002 
Oh you can handle this, you seem to bea wise, open minded person with a lot of love andunderstanding. And I bet you'll need every ounce of it, because this may break through HIS walls of negativity it mightbring them all down, and who knows what will be left? Probably somethingyou've never seen in your entire life. You may end up with him crying like a baby after he realizes what hes done, such things happen. Yes, it will make you face some things, but realize what you will be facing will probably be only a fraction of what hewill be. You can handle it and grow, and you may just need to help him do the same. 

joya250  22 Feb 2002 
Gem. you can do it!!!!!!!! :)

hugs, joya 

purplelady  22 Feb 2002 
Gemini- I assume you're talking about reiki, of which I really only know about what I've read on these boards. But it seems that if you feel so negative about this person , and you believe he has little love in his heart, then is it really required that you do this ? It's something that I would at least think twice about , or perhaps talk to someone who knows exactly what it is you are going to do for this other person and get an educated and objective opinion. 

GeminiLady  22 Feb 2002 
Yes, this is very similar to Reiki, although it's a different system.

It's not really that it is required for me to give him the attunement, in that I have free will.

I can choose not to accept this experience, or I can choose to take the experience and learn from it--letting it clear the blocks that have accumulated over time.

I believe that my relationship with this person is causing a major block in at least one of my chakras, and it would be beneficial for me to be able to do this. When we hold dark feelings for someone, it is our own selves that truly suffer.

He is in a working situation that will allow him lots of opportunities to help people with this energy. I don't know whether or not he will take the opportunity to do so--I hope that he will.

I know that some of you may wonder...well...if it's so difficult, why can't someone else do it?...and well...someone else could.... But considering that this man is my father, I have a lot to gain by finding my way to help him.

If he chooses to grow from his experiences by working with this energy, his life will go in a totally different direction than it has in the past.

I always knew that he would want me to attune him. One of the first questions I asked my teachers was how do I handle this situation ,and if he receives the attunement, is there any way he could hurt someone with it.

My teacher assured me that there is no way that he could ever hurt anyone with just doesn't work that way.

She then smiled at me and said, "you'll'll just know"

Love and Light,

Kaz  22 Feb 2002 
If you could do it, it sounds like it will be a benfit for you. If he will benefit that's his part as far as i understand from what you say.
So, if you can bring yourself doing it for the good of yourself and potentially him as well, find the courage and go through with it.
Sorry have hard time finding the right words for you here, but i mean well.


truthsayer  22 Feb 2002 
you know gem, i think the greatest healing we can receive in our lifetime is when we open ourselves to heal a parent who has hurt us. both of my parents wounded me very deeply yet i've worked and worked w/ those issues so much over the years that not only have i healed myself of the pain, i've also helped them heal themselves. it's my experience that often the pain caused by parents isn't intentional cruelty but ignorance or being misguided. either youthful naivete on how to handle a child or never experiencing good parenting themselves. i'd say if he's open to your help then i'd let nothing stop me from working with him. in his way, asking you for the attunement may be the only way he knows how to open the lines of communication. to me, it's a signal that he wants to make amends. i'd give him the chance. it's taken me well over 20 years to work out issues w/ my parents but we've all grown from the experience and have learned how to be friends. in their twilight years, i can at last feel proud to be their daughter. what better way to break up past life karmic patterns and start w/ a cleaner slate if you have a next time?

i wish you all the best on this journey. there will be pain but it will be shared this time. 

amyel  22 Feb 2002 
Gemini - my relationship with my father was, well, difficult. He's dead now, and I guess my thoughts on this are that if you have an opportunity to help heal you (and it sounds like heal him, as well), then take it. If it doesn't work, then you've learned something. If it does work, then maybe you & your father can start a fresh relationship, as adults. I've spent 10 years wondering what my relationship could have been with dear old dad if either of us had been strong enough to demand a change to it - and actively work for it.

Try. Or try not. Either is a valid choice. 

Ramses  23 Feb 2002 
Geminilady, I just got one thing to all depends on you ...

Do the this attunement...and know that, you did your did the best you could...youŽll be bringing positive energies towards yourself, for when you do something good, you get good things out of it ...

If this member of the family does not cooperate, that would be his choice...but, at least, you did what you had to do, and you should feel well for that...


GeminiLady  26 Feb 2002 
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support. I felt better after reading through your posts, and I set up a timeslot in early March to give him the attunement.

Love and Light,

The universal energy when your heart and soul collide thread was originally posted on 22 Feb 2002 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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