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White Smoke-does anybody else see it?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 05 Jul 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

celeste  05 Jul 2003 
If so what does it mean? I did a search on it but didn't come up with anything meaningful.

It comes and goes casually-I never know when its going to turn up-the last time was a few days ago when I was doing something as mundane as opening my purse to pay for groceries at Safeway. So there doesn't seem to be a spiritual significance really-although It has turned up when I'm talking to people. Never when I'm reading cards though-funny.

It doesn't scare me, I'm just curious as to what this stuff is-or what its supposed to signify.
By the way, I'm awake and lucid when its happening-not dreaming at all. I don't think its an aura either, because its always white and smoke-like in appearence and it comes, then dissapears on its own timetable. 

divinerguy  05 Jul 2003 
Sounds like ectoplasm. Do a search using the term, ghosting hunting. You'll find more information on it. 

zorya  05 Jul 2003 
ectoplasm is a good possibility. ghosts sometimes form out of what appears as a gathering mist.

what i find interesting is that this one seems more attracted to you than a location. 

tarotpharot  05 Jul 2003 
Hi Celeste.

"Smoke 'em if 'ya got 'em!" (Sorry - couldn't resist) :smoker:

Seriously though...Do you get any sort of feeling associated with the smoke? Does it have a color or colors? How about smell? If no to these, perhaps one or more is there and you didn't detect it?

Next time you detect the smoke, try this (if possible):

  • Squint at the smoke - look at it through slitted eyes; don't strain, just close your eyes almost all the way as though you were on the verge of sleep.
  • Close your mouth and take a deep breath through your nostrils. Try and detect if there is any smell associated; i.e. sweet, sour, roses, etc.
  • If you back up or move away, does it follow or simply dissipate?

Please let us know the results.

Brad })

celeste  05 Jul 2003 
There are no feelings, colors or smells that I've noticed-and I'm usually sensitive to these things.
It mostly hangs around me or between me and an object or person,briefly. Next time I will pay more attention and do the things you mentioned Tarotpharot. I will also do a search on ectoplasm.

At least I'm not seeing dead people,lol. 

zorya  05 Jul 2003 
good advice tarotpharot!
smells, such as perfumes, are often are first clues as to who is visiting. by stilling yourself you may find a word or image pops into your head. remember these.

there is the possibility that this is something physical. i think it would be a very good idea to visit an optometrist. 

celeste  05 Jul 2003 
(I wear glasses and contacts) and I see this stuff with and without them. 

celeste  06 Jul 2003 
I did a search on Google about ectoplasm and where it comes from. Conclusively, it is supposed to be either a vapour-like white substance(which is consistant with my experience)or a rubbery white substance that smells like ozone(I don't know what ozone smells like)and is secreted by mediums while they are in a trance. According to the pictures and the data, this substance can take the form of peoples(spirits)faces or just drip from the medium's various orfices. Lovely.

I am not nor have I ever been a medium(although my sister has the ability-so you never know-maybe its genetic). I have never even been to a seance. Its only supposed to come out at a seance-at night-but
this stuff hangs around me during the day too-thank god no one at work can see it-that I know of.

Like I said I have never been a medium,but mysteriously,I think I can recognise the ability in others. For example theres this woman at work who naturally breathes very deeply and for the last couple of weeks I've been wanting to say to her"Anne,if you ever wanted to give up being a doctor,you would be a natural at being a medium."
However, I don't say it as I think most of them at work think I'm odd enough as it is since I've been open about reading the tarot.
(That is,except for the ones who quietly seek me out for a reading.) 

Alobar  06 Jul 2003 
must be a new Pope! 

Minderwiz  06 Jul 2003 
Well I suppose it could mean that you've been elected Pope (Couldn't resist that one either :)).

Do other people see it as well?

If not then I'm not sure its ectoplasm but it could well be that you are 'seeing' a spirit, most likely someone connected to you. 

celeste  06 Jul 2003 
Seriously though, I had a long talk with my sister
this morning,who used to be a medium. She said she thinks that I'm just opening up psychically and that if I don't protect myself all the time that just about any kind of spiritual energy(good or bad)can pop in there and be attracted to me.(yipes!)
I'm also experiencing other phenomena(which isn't neccesarally bad,just unexpected). The other night
I turned on my tv just by thinking about it. And a few minutes ago I activated the internet connection without clicking on the icon first(I have dial-up still and I wanted to use the phone before going online). It(whatever that is-concious thought I guess)was one step ahead of me and dialed up for me. I had to disconnect because I wanted to make the call first.

I know if I mentioned these things to anyone else(besides my sister)I would be labeled a freak(if I'm not already). So, consider this venting in a safe place. 

Minderwiz  06 Jul 2003 
Hi Celeste,

Yes, I think your sister is correct - you are becoming more psychically aware, so don't be surprised if you start to see people and not just smoke.

My wife also has some mediumistic ability and she says that she can 'see' a difference in air quality around a spirit. She doesn't get the white smoke but I'm quite sure what a clairvoyant 'sees' will very somewhat between mediums.

I wish you well on what will be an exciting development in your life. 

celeste  06 Jul 2003 
Thank you for all your support. 

buzzbee  07 Jul 2003 
Hi Celeste, sorry I'm coming in late on this conversation. I can add a little experiential confirmation only. What's happening to you isn't bad for you or anything to be afraid of, in case you were wondering.

I've been a trance medium since 1972 & I've been known to produce ectoplasm, as a white vapor surrounding my arms. I have to take other people's word for this, since I'm in trance & have never seen it myself.

I'm also a witch, and on those rare occasions when I'm "cooking" & have good vital energies & supurb mental focus when casting a circle, I will see a blue smoke emanating from my hands. On a good day, this smoke will lay on the ground to form the circle. When I raise it up to form the sphere, enclosing sacred space, it will smell like the air after a thunderstorm, or on hazey humid evenings just at dusk - which, I understand is the ozone smell.

You didn't say if the white smoke is around you or attached to you in any way, but I suspect it is connected to your belley-button area and being produced by your own body. Spirits can imprint their images on this substance & doing so will not deplete you or drain you of any energy, as long as you're centered. If you ever see a shape within the smoke, make a cutting action with your hand to separate the smoke from your body. That way there's no chance of residual energies recycling through your aura. If that did happen however, just do a grounding to dump the energy into the earth (where it will be filtered)& clear your aura by refreshing it with clean energy. Just think-it to do-it.

I'm not too sure what causes these sponteneous occurances. You could just make note of the moon phase and what sign the moon is in on those days when it happens. You might uncover a pattern that could be useful to you & indicate your good days when you're "up", plugged-in and powered.

Oh - and that internet connection thing - that happens to me too, as if I'd sent an electrical current with my thought before my fingers ever hit the buttons. It's just plain old psycho-kenetic energy. Try holding your hand over a ping-pong ball on a glass or smooth surface and see if your aura can push the ball around. Or use a compass & cause the dial to spin. These little acts of directing the energy controls it's sponteneous outbursts and disruptions (if any). If the energy gets too strong around your 'pooter, ground! Your body is conducting electricity. My "guide" is telling me to suggest that you drink a glass of water with a very wee bit of salt in it to help ground - that's a new one on me. 

celeste  07 Jul 2003 
Believe me it helps alot!

I have no-one else to talk to about these things around here(except for my sister and she is a long-distance phone call),so its very helpful information-and good to know that I'm not alone! I noticed that the 'white smoke'seems to emanate about mid-section so your probably correct about it coming from my belly button area.

Would I be able to pm you sometime if I notice any new developements? 

Marion  07 Jul 2003 
Thank you buzzbee. Very interesting and useful information. 

Minderwiz  08 Jul 2003 
Yes I agree with Marion - I found your post extremely interesting - I hope that you can share some of your experiences with us in future posts. 

buzzbee  08 Jul 2003 
Celeste, I'm glad it helps. Psychokenetic energies don't last forever - often they run in cycles, & during menstration is sometimes a highpoint of activity for many women as the body adjusts to hormone fluxuations - so take advantage of the learning opportunity while you've got it, I always say. ;) 

celeste  08 Jul 2003 
I do think the electrical ability has a connection to my menstruel cycle. I have a strep throat infection now too -so maybe that is throwing things off too -who knows.I'll have to be more mindful of what else is going on when I notice more white smoke around me.
This is all very interesting! 

sagitarian  08 Jul 2003 
Wow, what an interesting thread! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat reading for various reasons. I too have seen a lot of the white smoke stuff, but normally when I see it, I'm driving and they linger around lights, sometimes corners. However, a few nights ago, I did "feel" strange energy around me (I was laying down in my bed getting ready to go to sleep, my eyes were closed, but I wasn't near sleep in the least) and I opened my eyes to see the head of a ghost (smiling) hovering right on top of my chest. I've been told by multiple psychics that I'm a natural medium. Just recently have I begin to accept this, and I'm at least not afraid to "talk" to the spirits anymore. Certain aspects of this though (like doing a seance, or going into full blown mediumship trances) I'm still scared of, but interested in learning (sllllloooooooowwwwllly):). So I don't think the white smoke in my case is emanating from me, but I do see it as well. (with the exception of the head a few nights ago). 

celeste  09 Jul 2003 
In a way I'm kind of jealous,but the disembodied head would freak me out I think.

I think the spirit world is taking it slow with me,because I don't think I could handle that quite yet. 

sagitarian  09 Jul 2003 
Oh don't worry, it's been an extremely slow thing with me too. About 12 yrs or more. When I saw the head, I just looked at him and my thought was "who are you, and why are you on my breasts?" he never changed his expression. Oddly enough, the head looked exactly like the emperor in the Cosmic Tarot deck (not the cosmic tribe tarot). Which I just had him come up in a recent reading I did on myself earlier on that day.

We all learn in our own way, in our own time. Definitely take it slow, there's a lot to learn. Spirits always left an uncomfortable feeling in me, I guess it goes back to being a kid and hearing scary ghost stories. It always kinda stuck ya know? So I've always been scared of spiritual sight. Eventually, one day, I'm going to face my biggest spiritual fear, facing the mirror in a dark room. Anytime the room is dark or dim, if there is a mirror in it, and I see it, I see things (spirits) behind it. That to me is the spookiest scariest thing in the world. Eventually one day, I'll face this fear truly embracing my mediumship with spiritual sight.

Keep us updated and let us know how your learning is going! 

buzzbee  09 Jul 2003 
Hi Sagitarian. I've had the near sleep, face-on-the-chest thing over the years too, & it does tend to get your attention! :D On occasion I've jolted upright, pummeling the air to clear it, before I'm fully awake. It's usually meant as a tease, but Oooo-I hate it when they do that. I pound the pillow in scowling indignation & go back to sleep. However, I've had them poke me on the shoulder and wake me up in time to shut windows just before a heavy downpour rain hits the house, & once minutes before the tornedo sirens sounded, so it evens out I suppose.

I still contend that the medium is the source of the smoke (unconsciously) on which the spirit imprints an image - is there a reason you think your body wasn't the source? 

divinerguy  09 Jul 2003 

The suffocating feeling when you're sleeping is a phenomenon known as being "hag ridden."

It refers to a spectral old woman or night spirit who straddles the chest of the sleeper.

In his book, Tom Ogden asserts that up to 15% of the population has experienced at least one incident. I have felt this once or twice myself. 

Wisp Wings  09 Jul 2003 
Celeste, so glad that you decided to open this thread to see what you could find in reply to it. This has been a great and highly interesting thread!

Next portion is from our conversing on this

"Celeste, have you ever wrote in Aeclectic before of the smoke? I am asking this cause I remember a few months back of reading about someone having this too of smoke or a cloudiness haze. I can't remember who wrote of it or where its location is, maybe under "General". Anyhow some wrote back that this is a form of connection to opening to the pyschic and intuition, or a level greater then where you are at in your path today.

I tend to believe it is probably true. If we were all just open to listening with all of our being, we would see and see the relation between us, spirit, and nature so much more. " (quoting myself)

I really am hoping that if ANYONE happens to remember the post that I referred to that they share with us where this is, giving the url. The time factor I stated may be wrong, besides I could have read it months after it was posted. I have searched for this and haven't had any luck. From the referred they were questioning was something wrong with their eyes (or worst), as they didn't understand it either.

At any rate Celeste, seem like what we thought was correct, you are opening up more to the pyschic aspects within yourself.

As to what area of you it is coming from, does it matter? It is happening, lol. I do remember to start with one of the times you talked about was in the store and it was between your purse/billfold/checkbook (something) as you were getting ready to paid for a purchase. To me that time, seems like maybe it is from your arms?? Again I don't know that that matters, just note that is happening.

Please too, even if you are or were to converse privately, would you continue (everyone) to share within this thread too? At least what you are comfort at with sharing. Look at how much that this has helped with understanding. So many has already learnt from this already. I really hope with sharing and different (if :-) even strange) ways things appear to all of us is wrote here, that this will be a thread we can point to for any future searcher into "What the heck is going on with me?!" situations. Wheeew, way too long of a sentence! Please excuse me any English teachers out there.

One last thought, I fully agree that the Universe is going to allow what you are able to handle to come to you and in a way that will work well with you. I am not saying spirits cannot come to you that aren't wanted, the unsavory types, so do center yourself and stay grounded. I just meant that when ready (regardless if you are aware of it or not) that the Divine will use your best areas to further develop you. 

sagitarian  09 Jul 2003 
Originally posted by buzzbee
is there a reason you think your body wasn't the source?

Oh I must of not made myself very clear. I know that when I saw the head, that it could very well have been my own energy (white smoke) emanating from my body, and the head making in imprint in the smoke. But the smoke I see hovering around street lights, or on the corners of sidewalks as I'm in my car driving, I don't think those emanate from me. Or at least, I don't see how, as usually I'm whizzing by in my car, (not even stopped) and I'll see it. 

zorya  09 Jul 2003 
maybe you just 'see dead people'. :laugh: (sorry i couldn't resist!)

ghosts sometimes do emanate from a smokey or misty like substance.

you must have a real gift if you are able to see through the veil so easily and see them so many places. 

sagitarian  10 Jul 2003 
Originally posted by zorya
maybe you just 'see dead people'. :laugh: (sorry i couldn't resist!)

ghosts sometimes do emanate from a smokey or misty like substance.

you must have a real gift if you are able to see through the veil so easily and see them so many places.

You have NO idea! LOL. Yeah, actually, after I saw "Sixth Sense" I was SCARED out of my brains. I don't think I slept for 3 days or so. I was that scared/petrified of spirits. They don't look like they do when they die though, but yeah, I used to play with them when I was a kid. Used to make my mom mad as I told her I was playing with my friend "can't you see her?" and she got so mad! Eventually I learned to tell my mom that I was just pretending with my barbie dolls or stuffed animals. I don't remember when I stopped seeing them, but I got scared of spirits after a while and didn't seem them for a long time. Now that I am beginning to accept my abilities and open them up (slowly) I see the white smoke more and more. I don't know if it's a good thing or not, I'm still kinda spooked by it, but slowly accepting it. 

celeste  10 Jul 2003 
its the discovery of that way that can be scary and challenging.

I know I am a very cautious person and like to 'be in control of myself'at all times(this attitude is due to some youthful recklessness and the ensuing consequenses,some of which I'm still living with,i.e.:I'm a single mom-not by choice,by chance).
Anyway, needless to say,I don't like surprises.
As I was telling Wisp Wings in that thread she referred to when I was first into tarot and other spiritual practices (meditation, some dream analsis ,ect.)(about 20 years ago or so),one night
when I was in my bed just about to go to sleep,I saw a white triangle manifest itself on the wall directly opposite me. This freaked me out, I slept with the light on the rest of the night,but the thing did not go away. It followed me around for a couple of days-in th edaylight,even in the shower till I finally told it I was frigtened of it and it went away never to be seen again. I think I closed off psychically then,and this white substance is somewhat like that only it has never taken as definite a form as that triangle did(I'm not even sure if they are the same thing. However ,I'm sure the triangle represented something spiritual(as in the trinity)and it certainly respected my feelings at the time-it wasn't haunting me or malevolent or anything like that.

Like today, I don't think this whate matter is bad or evil,it's just uncomfortable me to be out of control(of it)and thats just my issue I have to deal with I guess-because on the other hand I'm very curious and want to explore it more.(And maybe even get where Sagitarian and Buzzbee are in thier development one day-the thought alternately scares the pants off me and fascinates me at the same time.). 

zorya  10 Jul 2003 
i have seen ghosts as clear as looking at any living person, only they didn't seem solid on the ground. others have appeared to me out of a mist. my grandmother and twin visit me as dancing orbs of light. ... and i've seen dark shadowy presences at night.

the shadowy ones are the only ones that frighten me now.
sometimes the dark shadowy ones bend over me, close to my face. i never fail to scream with those. i noticed more shadowy figures when my husband was having problems with depression. fortunately it has been months and months since i've seen them.

the orbs make me feel full of joy. i love seeing them.

often i hear a presence. it sounds like it's clicking a light switch.

most commonly i smell them. the smell of smoke, flowers or cologne. 

buzzbee  10 Jul 2003 
Thanks Sagitarian - that did make it clearer :) & yea, I'd hafta agree that the mists around lamp posts & wafting along the street corners aren't you.

Devinerguy - that's interesting about the hag ridden term. I'd heard the term once before but hadn't connected it to the face-on-the-chest I've experienced. I've never felt suffocated - it's more startling, y'know, you open your eyes & your nose to nose with someone & it's not the dog.

I've seen a ghost or two or three over the years & the interactions have been friendly. In the 1st few months after my dad died he liked to move objects around ... one time he helped with the rear axel of a car I was dragging to a dumpster. I watched it roll 3 feet up a small incline while I stood 8 feet away and screeched Eeek! Then I heard his voice laughingly say, "You didn't think I'd let you do that by yourself." (Great sense of humor, dad. Gimme a minute here to restart my heartbeat.) Mom tends to pop in when I'm in the shower "Oh stop fussing, I'm your mother." 

The White Smoke-does anybody else see it? thread was originally posted on 05 Jul 2003 in the Spirituality board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Spirituality, or read more archived threads.

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