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Has anyone ever used he Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards.

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 07 Sep 2001, and now archived in the Forum Library.

cj  07 Sep 2001 
Hi All,

I have the Gypsy Witch FT Playing Cards. I bout them because I was told my grandmother could read a plain deck of cards and hoped this would lead me in the same directions.

Unfortunately my mother never learned and the instruction book has me laying 5,000000 cards out to do a reading..

Any advise. Has anyone ever used these as just plain tarot or do you have to lay the whole deck out...


EveAnna  08 Sep 2001 
Hi cj,
I use playing cards as well as Tarot and most times my spreads are a mix of the two. The main ones I use are PPF and the horse shoe spread. I do have playing cards spreads that use the whole deck but I don't see the point in having that many cards in a reading. Perhaps you could use a PPF 9 card spread with your fortune cards and see what results you get or don't ask a question and just lay as many cards out as you think You'll need, I don't think there are any hard fast rules to laying out the cards just do what feels right. Hope this helps :) 

cj  08 Sep 2001 

Thank you for the advise. I know what a horseshoe spread is but I have never heard of a PPF. Would you mind telling what PPF stands for so I can look it up.


magnwa  08 Sep 2001 
I'm not the original poster.. but I can venture a guess.. PPF MIGHT stand for a three card Past Present Future spread. Often in this case, I use two card clarifiers if need be (One card doesn't clarify accurately to me... two clarify to scary levels :) )


cj  08 Sep 2001 

Thanks for the info, I try it and see how we do.


MeeWah  08 Sep 2001 
cj: I used those cards before I became involved with Tarot. I found the captions on them distracting; ignored them & used them as a regular deck of cards for readings. 

tarotbear  09 Sep 2001 
I have a deck of these that is so old it still has the priginal publisher before US Games bought them.

They are hokey! Pure Hokem!

I have them for their silliness; I do not use them for divination of any kind (see also my posting about the 'Firelight Fortune Teller'); yes, you have to lay out the entire deck for every single reading - who wants to take up that kind of time? Besides, you are only given one interpretation for each card, so it means that every single time in every single reading.

Does this make any sense to you? 

misifu  14 Sep 2001 
I had to get in on this one. Why is the gypsy way of fortune telling so mocked at? I personally find this rather offensive since that is the way I was taught, as my mother before me, and so on. We may not agree on different ways of divination, but why make fun of it? I don't understand. I personally use the Gypsy Witch Deck, but I use it differently than the instruction booklets. I use the male or female significator card ( depending who I'm reading for ), and lay out cards surrounding the significator card to interpret. In other words, there are 8 cards surrounding the significator card. I use these cards solely on my intuitive guidance, but again, there is no real "right" way or "wrong" way.
Lots of love,

tiger lily  14 Sep 2001 
Hey, thatīs the way I read Tarot cards sometimes: I choose a significator and lay out the remaining 77 cards in 7 rows of 11 cards each. The sig is in the center; the card that covers it is the immediate situation surrounding the querent.

From then on, itīs free-style ;-) no fixed meanings or timelines. I look for clusters, threads and rings of cards and connect them to a story. You could consider it a spreadless spread.

I donīt do it very often, due to the sheer number of cards, but itīs always a great exercise for my intuitive muscles... and I donīt think that tarotbear was referring to the reading method, but to the deck.

But, tarotbear, there are also Tarot decks with keywords printed on them; I donīt think that you use only those keywords, do you? The "hokey" resides usually in the reader, not in the cards. 

jade  15 Sep 2001 
i have read with a deck of playing cards. i have the meanings somewhere around here. i found it too time consuming but the woman who taught me...........oooooooohhhhhh she was GOOD! the stuff she read was pure gold.


tarotbear  15 Sep 2001 
The gypsy way of telling fortunes is NOT being mocked here; the kitschy deck 'The Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck' is. There is a difference.

My discussion centers on the fact that people who use tarot seriously and take tarot seriously are wasting their time on this deck that is trivial and brings divination down to the 'parlour game' level.

You have no qualms about stating that such-and-such a deck is not for beginners or that the thus-and-so deck is poorly illustrated, or the symbolism in the yada-yada-yada deck is off the wall; what makes that any different than my saying this deck is hokey? 

misifu  15 Sep 2001 
While everyone has the right to express his/her opinion, I personally do not believe that this deck is hokey, I also do not believe that this deck reduces card reading/divination down to the "parlour game" level, in order to fully understand this deck, and it is your choice whether you wish to or not, you have to understand the gypsy style of divination. It would take me too long to explain it to you, perhaps you have not ever really tried it. I take it that your opinion of "parlour game" divination consists of a hen party cackling over which card so & so picked and looked forward to meeting this "tall, dark & handsome" stranger predicted in the cards, or maybe I am wrong, however, there has always been gypsy-style divination of this sort, preferably not in the way I just described it, but, yes, with a certain person of a certain color, and so on. Obviously this deck WAS created with Gypsy-style divination in mind, but again, not all information is included, and again, not all Gypsies share their secrets.
Lots of love,

jade  15 Sep 2001 

You weren't on this forum a year ago but......I enjoy the Motherpeace deck. I like it's meanings for certain questions.

Many others (okay everyone else) didn't like the deck. They felt it was too...I forget the word they used....but too feminist in meanings etc. (don't quote me on this wording)

Anyways, it doesn't make my love of this deck any less and I embrace the fact that they can dislike it while I love it. That's what makes us all so special and unique.......I can do something you can't and visa versa.

Don't take other people's dislike of a deck as a personal attack.....they are just stating their opinion (which they have a right to and so do you!)

They are not saying that Gypsy's are not their cup of tea....they are saying that the deck is not their cup of tea. Big difference here :-)

in peace,

purplelady  16 Sep 2001 
Hey jade, you forgot Me!! I Love the motherpeace deck!! :D ! It was my primary deck for years!! And it really doesn't matter to me if anyone else likes or dislikes it or thinks it is too feminist or the artwork too primitive etc! That's what makes these boards so interesting! 8) :) ;) . 

tarotbear  18 Sep 2001 
misifu- i cannot apologise for something I didn't do.

Please get your priorities straight. By your own admission you say that the REAL gypsies left something out of this deck, and that REAL Gypsies never would reveal all their secrets...then why are you so strongly defending this deck that according to you has two strikes against it? This deck was obviously intended for the non-gypsies to use, and this non-gypsy sees through the blind and thinks it's full of BUNK!

Trust me,(should you desire to 'take the time') I would fully understand anything you may have to tell me, but your condescending attitude would make me doubt your every word. You've already informed me you would not reveal your why would I trust you to tell me the truth? You cannot simultaneously praise and yet condem something. 

jade  19 Sep 2001 
purplelady (17 Sep, 2001 06:20):
Hey jade, you forgot Me!! I Love the motherpeace deck!! :D ! It was my primary deck for years!! And it really doesn't matter to me if anyone else likes or dislikes it or thinks it is too feminist or the artwork too primitive etc! That's what makes these boards so interesting! 8) :) ;) .

i have found a kindred spirit!!! YAH HOORAY!!!!! I too love this deck. I don't use it often, but when I speaks volumes.

Do you ever use it on men (straight men)? I use it only on women and gay men - I find that the female energy is too strong to use on a really masculine woman or man.

What is your take on this?


jade  19 Sep 2001 
actually, don't answer this.....i'll move it to a new posting!

love and light,

TexasTarotReader  15 Nov 2001 
I used these cards as well as the tarot cards. I lay out 7 cards across in a row and 4 rows down. I just read what it says on the cards and see if any of the other cards it says to look for are close by. and just go with gut instinct just like in tarot. just learn the basic meanings of these cards. I have been pretty accurate with these. Just takes time. 

catlin  16 Nov 2001 

I got a friend who does pretty acurate readings with simple playing cards and I occasionally do also readings with Gypsy, Lenormand or Kipper cards. I used them a lot more some years ago but at present I prefer working with other decks.

Ok, "Gypsy" cards etc. are often not so elaborate as tarot decks are and so it is somehow necessary to do readings with the whole pack if you want to cover all aspects (although I limited myself to trying out tarot spreads with Gypsy or Kipper cards which worked as well).

I think it is a matter of personal taste which cards you choose. 

scorpio  17 Nov 2001 
cj before i had even heard of tarot cards we used to take a regular playing deck and lay out the four aces. ace of hearts is yes, diamonds is no, clubs is maybe, and spades most definitely. then you shuffle and split the deck in half. then ask a question "should i dye my hair green?" draw off the top of the deck and if you draw a spade head to the nearest beauty supply store.this is a fun way to connect with that kind of deck. it's like magic eight ball tarot!! 

Freddie  17 Nov 2001 
This is the first fortune telling deck I ever owned. I ordered it from an ad in the back of a movie magazine ('79). I remember I made a few really good predictions from that deck. I seem to have lost them through the years, most likely from moving around alot. I use the Piatnik "Mlle Lenormand" 36 card small deck (no verses) along with tarot now, so I guess I'll never quite let go of cartmancy.

I still remember that pig card for some reason.


The Has anyone ever used he Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards. thread was originally posted on 07 Sep 2001 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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