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Not too serious meanings of cards

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 20 May 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Diana  20 May 2002 

Scorpion  20 May 2002 
Hi, Diana!

That's wonderful - I bagsie the King of Cups! I bet that's a deck with one very surprised looking Pope!!!

I'm still struggling with "taumaturgical virtues" for Temperance in the Nefertari - I've consulted our ancient dictionary and still can't make any sense of it!

Can't help with the 7 Cups apart from saying it sounds a bit medieval, where they used to spend hours at banquets with large amounts of courses of exotic food - perhaps it means someone looking to put weight ON?! 

Kiama  20 May 2002 
Now these are just too funny! I love it! I think we should have a competition to see wh can find the funniest interpretations for the cards!

As a side not: If nobody wants their LWB's, I collect them, so send them over here! :D

I still don't understand the HPS: How can you predict the theft of something? :eek: And if you can predict it, of xourse its not gonna happen, cuz you're gonna try and prevent it. Unless you're the theif of course!


Kaz  20 May 2002 
great interprets LOL :)


Liliana  20 May 2002 
So what deck IS this thing lol

:THP (no theft here ;) ) 

Umbrae  20 May 2002 
Indeed, I hate the LWB...Although I do burn them (with relish and glee). I do it in a nice wood burning stove in a brick wall cubby. I always know where a lighter or matches are.
But I am now thinking…Time for a new thread…Devoted to my quest of ridding the world of LWB’s.

Chariot…hmmm, I have always said that no good deed goes unpunished (lol). 

Mermaid  20 May 2002 
ROFL! This is priceless! 

jade  20 May 2002 
Seven of Cups: Difficulty in obtaining satisfaction if you are considering marrying for love or thinking of the pleasures of the table.

so are you thinking marrying for love or having sex on the table and staying single


Liliana  20 May 2002 
looks like sex WITH the table to me ;)


Umbrae  20 May 2002 
Now you know why the tarot should never touch...WOOD!
Every one knows what touching wood leads to...


jade  20 May 2002 
and it's soooo hard to get out those damn splinters!


aeonx  21 May 2002 
Oh, finally I understand why the King of Cups is haunting me... *giggle* :D


Ladyhawke  21 May 2002 
I have an amusing personal meaning for a card. I pulled the 10 of Swords as my card of the day.....on the day I had a chiropractor's appointment to get everything cracked and put back in alignment. ;) 

Liliana  21 May 2002 
I still wanna know what deck, heres some tidbits from Connolley, all courts.No wonder readers hae problems withthem with crap like this.

Page of Swords:A young persons actiities may cause you some concerns (when do they not)

Page of Wands:A message from a near relatie or close friend (forget those distant relatives)

Knight of Cups:Young man can offer interesting invitations are proposals (sounds like the beginning to a porno to me)

King of Pentacles: Good positionin industry. This man is athemetically competant. A generous soul whose friendly and affectionate. (glad to know he can count)

Her reversed King of Pents desribes my grandfather well tho: A most materialistic man who talks a lot and often appears stupid. He is opionated and easily led: 

Diana  22 May 2002 

slinky_jo  22 May 2002 
LOL Ladyhawke LOL :D 

catboxer  24 May 2002 

Those are great -- let's hear some more; no, let me guess:

Justice -- a woman involved in weight loss programs and wearing a muu muu will attempt to cut you in half.

Wheel of Fortune -- a trip to Las Vegas will turn you into a raging, slobbering animal.

How close am I?


Diana  24 May 2002 

Umbrae  24 May 2002 
I never burnt the lwb from the deck I got from Diana.
Look at this: the Lover, anxious, indecisive, pessimistic nature. Poor health, possibility of impotence.
2 of Cups: Animosity, Slander
10 of Cups: Brief love affairs…

(If the lover shows up, I guess we know why…).

I have a need to start a fire. 

jade  24 May 2002 
ah there she is bringing in the voice of reason :D

in light,
and laughter,

*still giggling at the meanings* 

firemaiden  14 Jun 2003 
bump on a log
This is a funny thread
Can I rename it: "why we burn our LWB today" ? 

Macavity  14 Jun 2003 
I think the Bosch Tarot is worth the price for the LWB meanings alone :P

10 Pentacles: When the treasure casket is full there will not be much space left for what could yet be to come... - Exactly :D


P.S. I should of course point out that I couldn't write a LWB in Italian... 

anjocoxo  15 Jun 2003 
This is not from a LWB, but...

* two of wands:

"Possibility of two completely diferent interpretations:
1 - luck and wealth
2 - regreat, pessimism, action, struggle, original ideas. open, independent spirit, capacity to see things as they really are. The querent is suffering from guilt because he/she misbehaved in a certain situation.

warning: your loved one is in danger if he/she goes on a trip

With other cards:
10 of wands: jealousy
4 cups, reversed: envy
queen of wands, reversed - luck and harmony

Posistive surprise, good and unexpected things, joy, emotion. Also means lack of shame, sadness, lack of scruples, easily excitable."

Now, imagine this king of thing for other 77 cards... phew!


Just to give another idea...

*4 of swords (among other things that I will not put here...)
"If this card is the first card on a thread, a woman, belonging to the querents family or friend, is planning to enter a religious order" 

The Not too serious meanings of cards thread was originally posted on 20 May 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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