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Favorite Major Arcana card

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 23 Sep 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

the_querent  23 Sep 2002 
Mine is Death and the Devil. 

wavebreaker  23 Sep 2002 
The Empress, because it's my personality and soul card.
And the High Priestess. I don't know exactly why, but I'm drawn to this card. 

Sulis  23 Sep 2002 
My favorite is the Empress too as it`s my soul card. I`m also really drawn to the High Priestess and the Moon.


Julie xx 

WillieHewes  23 Sep 2002 
Mine is Strength. It's my motto in life. Or something. Although, in the cards I designed I like my Devil best, probably because he's entirely mine (didn't borrow anyone else's ideas). 

kabuki  23 Sep 2002 
'The Tower'.

It's not the card I like the most, or relate to the most, but it is the card which I have had the most difficulty confronting and understanding. I feel that due to this it is the card which has had the most influence on the way I view myself, society and the direction I am heading. 

angela  23 Sep 2002 
My favourite is the Hierophant. It is my personality & soul card. I am a teacher and love learning. Also my Sun is in Sagittarius so this fits in well. I also feel quite drawn to The Moon. 

blue_fusion  23 Sep 2002 
death and judgement

RedWood  23 Sep 2002 
The Tower...I just like that card! i like change.. 

Strega  23 Sep 2002 
The Empress... The High Priestess... and The Star. :) 

Laurel  23 Sep 2002 
The Magician and The Star. 

Liliana  23 Sep 2002 
Do I even need to answer? hehe ;)


kayne  23 Sep 2002 
:TFOOL I am a big fan of the Fool, both in design and the idea behind it. The Fool said it before Nike: Just Do It! :D 

Kaz  23 Sep 2002 

Keslynn  23 Sep 2002 
I am a big fan of Strength. I have my sun in Leo, but aside from that, I often find that I need a lot of strength! I have a little pendant of this card that I find myself wearing a lot.

:) Kes 

ChrisTheObscure  23 Sep 2002 
My favourite card is the the DeBurgh Celtic Tarot, a young man is depicted making his way through the hills at night along a lonely path, the sky a midnight blue except for one bright yellow star guiding him toward his destiny. I like to think I'm that young man.


lili  23 Sep 2002 
My favorite card is the Tower 

Maan  23 Sep 2002 
The empress and the star! 

napaea  23 Sep 2002 
the High Priestess, Temperance, and the Wheel of Fortune 

Jewel  23 Sep 2002 
I used to think it was the HP and The Moon. But now I think it really varies with which deck I am using. 

Lady Anna  23 Sep 2002 
My favorite cards are the High Priestess & Temperance, but I'm a big fan of the Strength & the Star...!!!

And also the Tower and the Lovers....!!!...


Analisa :THP 

Eyes of Night  23 Sep 2002 
I really like the High Priestess, the Star and Strength. 

ihcoyc  23 Sep 2002 
Oddly, I've never really thought all so much about "favourite" cards among the Trumps.

When I'm looking at a deck, though, the first cards I want to see are usually:
  • Fool
  • Lovers
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Death
  • Moon
  • Judgment

If I feel at home with those cards, odds are I will feel at home with a deck. I suppose that makes these my favourites. 

Alex  23 Sep 2002 
of couse, followed by The Hermit. 

Kazz  24 Sep 2002 
The High Priestess as it is my soul card.
and The Moon as i am a Pisces



Diana  24 Sep 2002 

Major Tom  24 Sep 2002 
Originally posted by Diana
I like our friend The Devil.

*singing* "A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine..."

Gosh my favorite changes all the time - it's usually the most recent major arcana card I designed for Major Tom's tarot which is currently the Wheel of Fortune.

Like my friend Kayne though I must admit I have an enduring fondness for the Fool.

*singing* "The Devil met me there, stole my $20 bill and vanished in the air..." 

pentunen  24 Sep 2002 
The High Priestess :)

The one in the Kalevala deck really drew me to it - I think it was at least in part due to the story behind the character in the picture, though the painting itself attracted me too :)

- LittleCub 

moonman  24 Sep 2002 
I would say the Fool is my fav followed by The Lovers:*


Starfish  24 Sep 2002 
:TSTAR is my favorite card. Tied for 2nd place are :TMOON and :THP.

:TSTAR Starfish 

VGimlet  24 Sep 2002 
The moon has always been my favorite. The mystery of it, and the idea of walking between the light and the dark, known and unknown, civilized and not.

Runners up would be the star, and the fool. :) 

Tor  24 Sep 2002 
I like so many of them......but if I'd have to pick a favouirite, it will be The Moon.

I also like The Magician and Judgement. And of course The Hermit which is my soulcard, and The High Priestess which is a important card for my karmic journey. 

evangelion  24 Sep 2002 
Mine would have to be the XVIII The Moon, I see it so often in my readings and I like the way it speaks to me. I've always been drawn to this card though for some reason. 

Angeline  24 Sep 2002 
I just love the Star....i can sit for hours just looking at it.

Angeline x 

Yogi Cat  24 Sep 2002 
I like The Hermit because it is my card being a 27/9 and I also like The Moon 

nina  24 Sep 2002 
how can I pick a favorite? I feel the most intrigued by The Moon card, but I also like The Lovers in its more traditional depiction of a man being forced to make a choice. this card doesn't speak to me about romantic involvement so much as the point where you to commit or let go forever in any aspect of your life. The Wheel of Fortune is also one of my favorites- oh, and I can't forget The Tower.
Okay, I guess I'm saying I can't pick a favorite.

The Favorite Major Arcana card thread was originally posted on 23 Sep 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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