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Shuffling tips? is it okay to riffle?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 07 Sep 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

pentunen  07 Sep 2002 
Hey all :)

I'm accustomed to riffle shuffling cards; in fact, it's the only method of shuffling I've ever used since I learned how to play cards when I was Small.

However, I have recently been chastised for riffle shuffling cards that deserve better treatment (Magic: The Gathering cards, if you must know ;p). I figure Tarot cards fall under the same category, so at the risk of sounding like a Hopeless Newbie (TM), I would like to ask...

...has anyone got instructions on shuffles that are both fast and thorough?


Liliana  07 Sep 2002 
Why yes i do

Ive always had problems shuffling, I can riffle and never felt i mixed the deck thoughly when i kind of rammed the cards together, not to mention its card damaging, so I always ended up laying all the cards on the table and pushing them around and pickibng them up. That took took long and it felt scattering not centering like I felt I ashould be for a reading. Thankfully I learned the push-put method method from here

It works rather well, and it describes the other metohds of shuffling too


Diana  07 Sep 2002 

Strega  07 Sep 2002 
Here are older threads on the topic:


Hope that helps. :) 

Umbrae  07 Sep 2002 
Riffle shuffle away!

There is nothing wrong with it. The sound does not 'flap' the magic out of them.

You can also do a reverse faro shuffle (takes a knack)

Cut the deck in twain.

Hold by the extreme outside ends (loosely).

Butt the free ends together.

Softly rotate your hands upwards. There should be a slight pressure on the ends of the cards, causing them to interlace. 

pentunen  08 Sep 2002 
Thanks so much for all the suggestions! :D
I particularly like the push/put method - I think I'll start training myself to use that instead of riffle shuffling, especially with my Kalevala deck. *cuddles her little deck protectively - don't worry baby, I won't damage your cards...*

*grins* Sorry, should prolly go before I get carried away! ;p

Blessings all,
- LittleCub 

Laurel  08 Sep 2002 
I use the insertion method, always have, with all cards. But I agree that the riffle shuffle is just fine and doesn't ruin the card's mojo or damage cards very often unless you are just learning how to shuffle- in which case, its just a matter of practice with cheap poker decks. :)


juice  16 Sep 2002 
Quick note to rifflers, pul about a quarter of the cards off the top of the deck and put them on bottom every couple of shuffles so the top card isn't still on top 30 shuffles later.

The thing I learned to do with my Magic, the gathering cards, which can cost a dollar a piece and way up form there, is that even lacing and mixing them can catch the cards off angle and damage them. Plus it takes a lot of time to learn to lace in a way that mixes the cards well. You hands tend to repeat the same pattern over and over again wich produces less randomness.

Lace the cards with some being put on top of the stack and some on the bottom or in the middle carefully. But to get a good mix I use a variant of what one called 7 candles. Deal the cards out in odd number of piles. An odd number helps you keep from repeating a pattern so easily. Change which order the cards go on each stack. Don't worry if you loose track and one stack gets more than the others. Pick the stacks up in a random order.

Some decks are slick enough and smooth edged just right that I can sort of riffle drop them without bending or streesing them. But I only try that once or twice. While others are hard to pick up off the table without snagging them. No matter what method you tell somebody to use with your deck, your baby can be handled clinch fisted. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone lay the card down with their thumb touching the table and then slide their finger out from under the corner with a satisfying snick.

Some books tell you to put your cards in order after each reading. I think this is time consuming and just plain wrong. My subconcious remembers where the cards were left after the last reading just fine. Shuffle a little more if you want to clear them.

I've been toying with the idea of having a deck that "they" can shuffle any way the want ause it was a cheap deck and then lay out cards from the deck they want to read from on top of their deal. Yes this would also include letting lay the cards down where you point and giving them control of reversals. I've always wanted to figger a way to let them shuffle and add their "random" imput without destroying my deck.

I hvaen't actually started to read for others except a couple of friends. I never felt ready till I could be sure that I didn't need a book. That way I'd know that I knew the cards. 

WillieHewes  16 Sep 2002 
You all riffle your cards? BARBARIANS!

Ahem. This damages them, you know? Anyway, to properly randomise the order of a deck of cards you have to take your time. The only fast and thorough way is to shuffle the way children do: spread them out on the table and move them around. Looks really unprofessional maybe, but it does work.

I shuffle hand over hand (lacing) myself, and deal the deck out. (Put a number of cards on the table in a row or circle and deal cards on top of them until the deck runs out. When you're done, you can shuffle the individual piles, put two together and shuffle that, etc.)

I always take my time to shuffle, I get really annoyed when I get all the cards from yesterday's reading. If you get the same card over and over again individually, that means something. If you get 3 cards together that were in your last reading as well, that means you didn't shuffle properly. Well, that's what I think anyway.

Of course, it's less of an issue if you fan out your cards and pick them individually, but I deal from the top of the deck. 

Trogon  17 Sep 2002 
On my Rider-Waite deck, I use a riffle shuffle as they are not overly large and are relatively easy to handle. With my Röhrig deck, I use the "reverse farot" method mentioned by Umbrae in this thread:

This reverse farot method is something I learned many many years ago as it is very good for playing cards as you get a very good mixing of the cards. It's also pretty unique to watch - makes your client think you're really special! })

Come to think of it, I use this reverse farot method with my Rider-Waite deck sometimes too. I do NOT use it on my mother's old Albano Waite deck as this deck is too flimsy and the edges are not finished well enough.

(edited to fix the link to the thread above.) 

Poetlove  17 Sep 2002 
I didn't realize there were so many ways. I taught mysel fhow to do the bridge, which helps keep my cards in good order and from being all wrinkled.

Thanks for the tips and links. 

The Shuffling tips? is it okay to riffle? thread was originally posted on 07 Sep 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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