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Six of Cups??

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 28 May 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

caridwen  28 May 2005 
I'm a little confused about the message this card is giving me - RWS Six of Cups.

It's come up three times now in relation to how someone feels about me. I have a romantic interest (we're not in a relationship, just someone I like) I ask the cards: How does he feel about me? and the Six of Cups keeps popping up.

What do you reckon?

Rest of the spread:
How things stand at the moment - Page of Swords
The impression I'm giving - Empress
How does he feel about me - Six of Cups
Where things are headed - 4 of Swords
Advice/guidance - Page of Cups 

samantha  28 May 2005 
First thoughts ...may be way way off.

Perhaps he was more comfortable with the dynamics of the relationship before ? ( 6 cups looking back at "happier times " )Something about the 4 swords ...the 'time out' card makes me think that there will be a pause of thought ...time to re-think ?( This is you I'm wandering why you will need down time ? ) I guess the empress says that you are ready for new growth within the relationship ...but I'm not so sure about him . I never find the Page swords energy easy . This is not to say that there is no possibility of the two of you getting together on a different footing ...but short term looks like you ( or he) needs to adapt to the change more gradually ? 

caridwen  28 May 2005 
That's a spot on obversation Samantha until I tell you that I've only known him for three weeks and the card has always represented how he feels about me. Coupled with the Empress, I'm wondering if it means I remind him of his mother!

It could also mean that he only feels friendship towards me ie his feelings are innocent, devoid of intention other than friendly overtures. It could mean that he sees me as innocent, childlike etc See the confusion?

My advice card is the Page of Cups - messanger of new relationships, love opportunities etc

The three of Wands however, could represent someone already in a relationship looking for a lover... 

samantha  28 May 2005 
Then yes ! That was the other thought hovering in the background , you remind him of someone from the past ....
You typed 3 wands , did I miss something ??!! If it was in your throw it will be significant ! ( Back to Empress again : 3 can signify ambition and looking towards the future ...obviously with thoughts of future growth . I guess its possible that he wants his cake and to eat it too ....but I would feel more possitive if it came up as how he views/ feels/ thinks/ feels etc about you. ) 

Moongold  28 May 2005 
Hi Caridwen ~

Page of Swords - 6 of Cups - Page of Cups ..... hmmmm ..... sounds like there is some kind of undeveloped dynamic there. I was going to say "immature" but that is a pejorative word. Four of Swords doesn't look too promising either.

Mabe it means you could lark around and have a pleasant fling.

Maybe he sees you in a more sisterly fashion than Empress fashion, and that could be due to him - not you.

I think you might ultimately find him unsatisfying intellectually and emotionally. But you could still have fun. 

Ace  28 May 2005 
caridwen wrote:
Rest of the spread:
How things stand at the moment - Page of Swords
The impression I'm giving - Empress
How does he feel about me - Six of Cups
Where things are headed - 4 of Swords
Advice/guidance - Page of Cups

I would take it slow with this guy. I agree with the others, he is comparing you to other women he knows, and 4 of swords is NOT proactive.

The advice: Page of cups is to ask LOVING questions of him. Try to figure out what he thinks of romance and women and where he stands right now in relationships. But I think he wants to you to come to HIM (4 of swords) so do so, with care.

Also: Page of Swords-has there been some disagreements?

Al Si'ra  28 May 2005 
Hi!! Probably all the readers here are wiser and more advanced when it comes to doing interpretations :) but i would like to add my opinion anyway...just for the record.

I've seen Empress and 6 of cups in my readings too and these 2 meant sexual feelings that a guy was feeling towards the querent; he is seeing you as empress COULD mean that he sees you as an open-relaxed person-who is available romantically etc-he sees you as a person who is ready to give a lot...I know that 6 of cups is about the past...yet i've also seen it being all about an offer-a physical offer mixed with emotions and nice intentions- it's not a Devil kind of thing, it's rather an offer of a person who sees intimacy as fun-like a game the children love to play-immature-maybe- or more like a viewpoint of relationships..When these 2 come together i would be careful anyway because it might not be that sisterlike feelings that he's feeling..4 of Swords..he will not make a move 'cause he may feel that it's not the right time (present:page of swords) and plus he MAY think that since you are the Empress; you are going to make a move anyway; Empresses are all about creating sth new..
Anyway just another possibility.. i am probably way off. :) 

Rusty Neon  28 May 2005 
caridwen wrote:
I have a romantic interest (we're not in a relationship, just someone I like)

**How things stand at the moment - Page of Swords

You are still in the basic stage of learning things about each other. (Page of Swords means 'spy' in Etteilla meanings.)

**The impression I'm giving - Empress

An impression of someone confident, or an impression of someone domestic.

**How does he feel about me - Six of Cups

Perhaps you remind him of someone from his past.

**Where things are headed - 4 of Swords

Perhaps it's best to take things slowly.

**Advice/guidance - Page of Cups

Go with your heart, but go slowly and cautiously. 

FaerieStorm  28 May 2005 
I love the Page of Swords: the one who slices through illusion. I think that he's trying to figure out what you think of him--and what he thinks of you. And the Empress might suggest that he finds you attractive, too--after all, the Empress is the epitome of femininity and female energy; I'd say he thinks very highly of you. The six of cups might suggest that you might remind him of someone else he used to know, or something about you reminds him of pleasant times he used to have. Conclusively, the Page of Cups implies (to me) that his feelings for you will soon become more concrete and real--less uncertainty (which is suggested in the P of S's). 

caridwen  29 May 2005 
I'll know by this coming Friday so I'll post back here then and tell you the outcome;)

Very interesting take on the cards as usual - thank you:D 

The Six of Cups?? thread was originally posted on 28 May 2005 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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