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Gilded Tarot - World Card

I do not see anything on the World card in this forum. If there is something, please direct me.

I do not see much on the World Card in general in readings. The it's baffling to me because it looks like a circus character, that or a ballerina similar to the Magician in look. I see it as many things. She/He has the World in her/his hands. Someone thinks the World of her/him. I do not see it as having the weight of the World on your shoulders, yet I've read that about World not sure what decks. And another is ending or completion, I've read.

It's a beautiful card and very interesting but I'm confused about this card especially in readings of feelings when it comes up as card number one in celtic cross.

Not sure if this is where I talk about this but the World Card is interesting in this deck and seems very positive.

Any thoughts.
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