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I get the same manipulative vibe from this Magician. He keeps the four tokens of Sword, Wand, Pentacle, and Chalice airborne - no rest for them, no contact with the good earth for stability. He looks happy that he is able to keep these tokens afloat.

The serpent is draped over his shoulders. A closer look at the head reveals that this serpent is holding it's tail in it's mouth thus forming the Oroborus - another symbol of power.

The Magician's robes are flared about his legs. Perhaps another sign of air energy keeping the four items in the air. Actually, there are six. Any thoughts on what the red circle with silver border and the smaller round object is?

This Magician reminds me of the men who revived Witchcraft in Britian after 1950; trying their newly discovered power and playing with it to learn more.
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