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OK I've now got three possible readings I'd like some opinions on.

The first is the three of wands in the seventh house - which I feel in the birth of a succesful new business partnership (partnerships are ruled by the seventh house) or success coming to a business partnership.

As an alternative I thought it might mean a personal voyage of discovery that was made possible through the firm foundation of a marriage. The marriage allows the person to discover themselves!

The second is the Ace of Swords in the Tenth - which I find the most challenging of the 3. All I can think of is a new career that requires intellectual effort - gaining social status as an intellectual. The tenth is career, social status, honour and mother (or father depending on which parent you assign to the fourth).

Finally a question on what institution a person might become associated with if they have the seven of wands in the sixth. My feeling is that this is a hospital/doctor's surgery, either because they make themselves physically ill by trying to do to much or actually get hurt trying to defend themselves

Any views?
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