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Originally posted by Minderwiz
The second is the Ace of Swords in the Tenth - which I find the most challenging of the 3. All I can think of is a new career that requires intellectual effort - gaining social status as an intellectual. The tenth is career, social status, honour and mother (or father depending on which parent you assign to the fourth).
You don't have to think this "large"--it might just be, simply, a fresh new dialogue with someone (father or boss or perhaps an interview) which may lead to a new career or status. Or it could be a completely new IDEA for a career, rising up in your mind, all air just now, but beginning to take form. Remember, aces are unforcused energy--in this case, mental energy/word energy. Perhaps you're contemplating a speech or debate?

Finally a question on what institution a person might become associated with if they have the seven of wands in the sixth. My feeling is that this is a hospital/doctor's surgery, either because they make themselves physically ill by trying to do to much or actually get hurt trying to defend themselves
Odd interpetation. The 6th house, Virgo, is not just "institution" but also work and health. And responsiblities. Thinking of 7/W in that respect, it starts to make sense. 7/W is the "hold-your-ground" card, don't give into pressure, maintain your individuality. So it's your responsbility, in work (perhaps?) to stand your ground. Don't give into pressure (I could see here someone being pressured by a boss or co-workers to go along with something they don't find ethical, or don't trust--hold your ground, don't give in!). Or it might be that you're being urged to take risks with your health. Again, stand your ground, don't let your friends or anyone else (doctors?) pressure you into taking or doing anything with your body you don't want to--you don't believe is right for you.

I don't quite understand HOW you got a hospital/doctor/surgery!? 4 of swords, I could see it. But 7/wands? Wands are related to career, faith, passion. Not medicine (unless that is where your passion/faith rests). Wands are more the suit of travelers, or people energized and on a mission. Unless you work in a hospital? Or were trying to merge "institution" and "heath"???

That help?
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