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Join Date: 24 Jan 2002
Location: Florida
Posts: 274
Dream Spreads

I'm not huge on dream symbol meanings but I still try to find spreads to find out more about my dreams. I want to know more about why I dreamt this and what made me dream this than what other spreads might focus on. So after searching for so many dream spreads, I've come across a few. I will post them so that they might be a help to anyone else who wants to understand their dreams!

Here's another thread that has some dream spreads: Dream Spreads

You can see the the following spreads on the link there, I'll repost it so you can see it here first, without having to click and stuff.

Interpret Your Dream

1, 2, 3.) Images that describe your dream
4, 5, 6.) What the dream images mean
7, 8, 9.) How they affect your waking life
10, 11, 12.) How you can best use this information

Thirteen's Modified Owl Spread

1, 2.) Something you didn't see before
3.) What you need to incorporate into your life
4, 5.) What you need to listen for (ie: clues, messages)
6, 7, 8, 9.) What you need to do to make your dreams come true

3 card Dream Spread (from author of Dream Cards)

1.) The main theme of your dream (choose a card that best fits the situation)
2.) Your action in the dream (choose a card that best fits your action)
3.) Connecting the theme and the dream (you shuffle to get this one)

This one I found yesterday at the Queen of Pentacles' site so I haven't the chance to use it but it looks pretty good.

Soul Dreamer's Reading

1.) Key- choose a card that best describes the situation or your feelings
2.) Dream Situation-where, when, how
3.) Energy Within- primary energy of the dream
4.) Conscious Meaning-what the dream means to you in waking life
5.) Subconscious Meaning-what the dream means at your inner psychic level
6.) Serpent Energy-cause the dream to manifest
7.) Outcome-how it will manifest

Here's another I found at Tanja's website
Dream Interpretation


1, 2, 3.) Environment of the dreamer
4, 5.) Environment in the dream
6, 7, 8.) What will happen in the future (to see if it's prophetical)
9, 10.) The reason that it was dreamt
11, 12, 13.) What the dream is telling you
14, 15.) The future

And after seeing Tanja's spread, it inspired me to rework it and make my own.

Cause of the Dream

1.) Environment in the dream
2.) Influence in the dream
3.) Real World environment of the dreamer
4.) Real World influences to the dream
5, 6.) What situations sparked this dream
7, 8.) What emotions sparked this dream
9.) Action to take to make the dream come true
10.) What will happen if no action is taken
11.) How the dream affects your waking life
12.) Underlying message of the dream
13.) How to best use this information
14.) Possible solution to the dream

enjoy! If anyone has more to add, feel free! I love collecting dream spreads!

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -- Calvin and Hobbes

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keeper of the toaster
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Join Date: 07 Jun 2002
Location: Poitiers, France
Posts: 10,821

HI Kirali. I love interpreting my dreams with the cards (or trying to). The thing I like to do is divide the dream into bite-size elements, or scenes, and then lay one card to interpret each element. For example, lets say I dreamt about a red dog who bit me and tore my dress, leaving the torn piece which turned into a puddle of water out of which sprang three gold fish:

In this case, I would lay six cards: 1 -- 2 --3 --4 --5 --6
1.-red dog
2.-bit me
3.-tore my dress
4.-leaving torn piece
5.-piece turns to puddle of water
6.-out of which sprang three gold fish

Or it could also be six columns, and I could add more rows, just as you have described in the interpret your dream spread to help with the interpretation.

The number of cards doesn't matter, it is however many elements the dream breaks down into.

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Join Date: 24 Jan 2002
Location: Florida
Posts: 274

An interesting way to look at the dream! I like the idea and I'm glad that the number of cards won't matter because I have weird dreams where I have a bunch of jumbled up scenes and a load of things happening at once and out of order. I'm sure I'd use of half the deck or more! But I'm sure I could just use the important part or what part of the dream that I want to understand.

Thanks firemaiden!

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -- Calvin and Hobbes
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Join Date: 05 Jul 2008
Location: B.C., Canada
Posts: 3

You are my hero hehe
You saved me so much time looking through spreads.
Thank you ^_^

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Join Date: 14 Sep 2009
Location: United States
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Kirali ~

Thanks so much for posting your dream spread. I've been searching around for a good one - and this is the best yet..
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