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Join Date: 14 Jun 2003
Location: NYC
Posts: 41
Rediscovering Lost Birthday Spread


I'm new to Aeclectic tarot Forum, and this is my 1st Post. i am hoping for help in rediscovering a spread i use do but have not done in years.

I goes something along these premises.....(and please, if anyone knows this spread please feel free to jump in) ......

The lay of the cards, and the significance of them were based on the numerical values found Month/Day/Year of the client's b-date...the spread utilized Major Arcana alone.....the cards pulled from the deck matched the numerical value = Month, Day, and Year.

Also it seemed that the added numerical total of the MONTH, DATE, AND YEAR....was also it may have been a 4 card spread....

For instance...if the Client's B-day is June 7, 1986.

3 cards - from left to right....then the 4 card placed under the first 3.

The first 3 cards were pulled and laid in the order of the month, day, and year...there numerals matching the numerals of a Major Arcana.

Month-June=6=The Lovers

Day of the Month=7=The Chariot

the Year was added to a total, then if over 22( or 21)...then it was broken down farther....
24=6=The Lovers

The cards were laid from left to right

Now, what the positions of the cards...or to what the cards were saying, according to the positions in layout of the reading i do not remember.

ALSO,,IT SEEMS, THAT AFTER DOING the 3 card spread it was all in total given another numerical value. By adding a sum total of all the numerals associated with the deck.

M D Y * * R
6+ 7+1+9+8+6=37=10=The Wheel of Fortune.

This spread, I am sure i gathered in my readings at some point...but, i never archived the spread/ or position's /symbolism of the cards in relation to where they were located with in the spread.....OR THE NAME of the Creator of the spread, or where i found it.....

I am so excited by the hope that, with the groups help..of rediscovering this spread....Hope someone has an idea.

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mike gorth 
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Join Date: 11 Apr 2005
Location: Il USA chicago
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I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for and wow, I can't believe no one has responded in almost 2 years! anyway, it seems like you got the spread down so you just need to feel with your intuition the rest of the way. Remember, tarot is based on the akashic records and tarot helps you open your crown chakra so whatever comes to you, go with it.
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