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Others touching my cards

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Question Others touching my cards

When I do readings for others, and granted I have not done many, I do not have them shuffle, split or touch my cards. I perfer not to have people handle them. Though, sometimes I will let people look through the cards afterwards so they can enjoy the images or see what a Tarot deck really looks like.

At any rate, I'm wondering if anyone else does readings where they do not have the subject touch the cards.

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touch me

I have known a few people that don't let ANYONE touch their cards AT ALL, like it's some serious code violation.
I don't think that there is a WRONG way in this matter, it's what ever is comfotable for the deckkeeper. When I get a new deck, I do keep it to my self for awhile, filling it with my energy before using it for anothers reading.
I have my questioners shuffle.
My thought is this. We are energy, someone wants guidence from the universe of energy they need to connect and check in with that energy, ie shuffle.
I lay the cards out. The readings always come through just fine..
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When I was first learning I read somewhere that no one should touch your cards... and I took this as gospil... but I found I needed to loosen up a bit, to the point where now I shuffle (to 'reset' the cards) and the quarent shuffles till they feel they need to stop... then I fan the cards for them to pick out the cards while I tell them the meaning of the position. Actually, usually they just pull the card out a little and once they have made it clear which card they want, I pull it out ond put it in position... Works well for me
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Original Destiny 

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If the client is present then i let them shuffle or cut the cards...obviously they can't do this if it is a phone reading or a reply to a written enquiry . I am careful with clients...i only take on recommended people so I don't mind them handling the deck.
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I will never let the querent touch my deck. I know that sounds mean, but I don't like the energies that the cards can soak up from other people. The cards are like sponges. The last time someone touched my deck, the cards wouldn't work for like three weeks. There is only one case where I let someone touch my cards. My best friend has been able to use any of my cards, and I hers. We don't know y exactly. Its strange.
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Geenius at Wrok 

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For me, "energy" doesn't enter into it. My cards are hard to shuffle, and it took me a while to get the hang of it; I don't want someone else who's not familiar with them to damage them while trying to shuffle. If I'm doing a reading for you, I shuffle, you cut.

On second thought, energy does enter into it, otherwise I wouldn't be having you cut. But that's why I won't have you shuffle as well.
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It is so cool that we are all different.
I let folks shuffle and cut the deck when the reading is for them.
After the reading, seven shuffles and they are ‘out’ of the cards.
I think (believe), (and I could be wrong, but it’s right for me) that it has a lot to do with how you focused and bonded with the deck in the beginning.
But hey, it is your deck, your rules. It is a long and wonderful journey…have fun.
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I never let anybody touch my deck.

This has nothing to do with energy, sponges, auras or whatever.
Simply put they are paper cards with pictures on them. That's it.

However they're my tools for my intuition. I rely on them (sometimes) to help me to concentrate on the matter at hand and do as accurate a reading a possible at the time. I may resort to touching the questioner to gain further insight.

But more to the point I don't want someone getting the cards grubby, shuffling and folding them etc.
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Dancing to the Vodou groove

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I usually don't let anyone shuffle my cards, but I always ask them to cut the cards twice after I have shuffled.... Just a tradition I have always gone through....

I agree with GAW, with the worries about people damaging the cards... They are on average alot larger than the playing cards people are used to, and we do get some weird things being done with the cards in n attempt to shuffle them. (Riffling, a pet hate of mine.... This can really ruin a deck!)

Otherwise, people are free to look at my decks, pick them up, touch them, whatever....

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